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Whats New (Archive)

As I update the website, I try to put what I have added to the main page. Well of course after awhile, that starts to add up. But I like to keep track of when I added stuff to this site, so every once and awhile I will clean up the main page - and move the "whats new" stuff to this archive page.

June 11, 2011 - Yea - still haven't got the site updated. Still been busy visiting more cemeteries. But wanted to share a couple of pictures I recently got. One of the questions I get is "Why do you take pictures of every headstone?" Well I want to preserve history. In 2008, I found a stone that was still very readable but was about to fall apart. I took my normal pictures and went along with my business. Recently I revisited the cemetery to check on this headstone, and what I found was a headstone that has fallen over, and has become unreadable... falling apart. So now, my pictures from 2008 is I feel an important document to show this stone.

This is a perfect example of one of the reasons I do what I do. Very sad to see, but glad I was able to document the stone before the stone finally gave up.

Feb 23, 2011 - Yea - I know, not much has been updated on the site - Hopefully soon - I've been doing a lot - got a lot of cemeteries completed in Edgar County Illinois, along with Warren County Indiana. Here in Vermilion County Illinois, I've also recently been able to visit Old Collison Cemetery and have over 300 pictures of all those headstones. I've also found Kights Cemetery - expecting to find 1 stone, was able to find a few. Mcgee, Forse, and Sandusky (Indianola) are a few other "hard to reach" cemeteries that I've also visited here in Vermilion County Illinois. I've also bee doing some more research on Ruckman Cemetery, and have updated the page here on this site with some new inforamtion

Also in the "off-season", I've continued to work on indexing my pictures and making Internment lists. They are not on the site yet, but hopefully will be at some point. Cemeteries that are done: Allhands, Atherton, Old Atherton, Bethel (Ross), Bethel (Blount), Bethel (Love), Bock, Dougherty, Forest Park, Georgetown (1/2 way complete), Gods Acre, Greenwood, Oakwood, Nicholson, Pilot Grove, Rose, Sandusky (Indianola), Springhill (Soldiers Reserve & Block 10 done), and Walnut Corner.

May 22, 2010 - I had a fun and have done a lot of learning over the past 2 weekends - being a part of a Cemetery Care and Restoration class and workshop. Up until now, my stance on stones was very "hands off" - I've taken hundred of thousands of pictures of stones - taking a picture of how they are and not doing much of anything to them (other then clearing weeds, or grass clippings or something similar.)

But sooner or later I'm going to start to run out of cemeteries to take pictures of (without driving hours to get to the cemetery), so I can see myself moving more towards cemetery care & repair of local cemeteries, and to take a workshop like this is a great way to learn many of the small things that you need to know. [such as the 1989 Human Skeletal Remains Protection Act applies to older unregistered cemeteries, and protects grave markers also - so in Illinois if you do not obtain a permit from IHPA before doing work on a stone is a class A misdermeanor.] That and other fun things was great things to learn, and I can see myself slowly graduating my picture taking hobby to more of helping stones.

For some pictures of some of the work I was envolved with can be found here: http://coan.biz/cemetery-repair/ (I will hopefully have more pictures & information up on this site once I get the site moved.)

May 13, 2010 - Well I removed my last update since it was just a nice way for me to vent about my hosting company - I'm still in the process of moving all my sites, so soon enough I'll get everything moved so I'm going to try to stop letting the past bother me and move on to the positive future. The main thing - I want my site to be available to all - free - for a long time. I try hard to make my website simple and long lasting. That is I can easily ignore the site (with real life) & the information will still be out here for all to use in their research.

From my last (lost) update - I had to remove my Springhill Cemetery pictures from this hosting company (too many for them to handle so they shut my site down until I removed them) - but they are NOT LOST, and I already temporarly moved them here:

Temporary home for Springhill Cemetery Pictures. (please note the 3 links at the top of the page will send you back to my main site, where you will need to use this link again to get back to the pictures. DO NOT WORRY about bookmarking this or anything since soon enough I hope to get everything back working at the VermilionCounty.info website.

Anyway other then slowly working on moving this website, I've been busy visiting cemeteries, working on internment lists, and real-life activities. Once the weather was nice enough, I started working on taking pictures of Iroquois County cemeteries - about 50 of them complete pictures. I also started to work a little in Champaign county cemeteries getting about 20 cemeteries done with complete pictures. [About 47,335 new pictures for Iroquois (+ 14,329 from Floral Hill that I did at the end of 2009) & about 9,926 pictures for Champaign County.]

In addition to this, I've also re-visited God Acre's cemetery in Vermilion County Illinois along with Sandusky (Indanola) Cemetery and got a lot of pictures.

Also I've been playing around from most of the cemeteries I've visited is to take a quick video "overview" of the cemeteries that I visit. Around 30-60 seconds usually, just to hopefully show people what the cemeteries look like, and I hope to also get those up on this site along with the pictures.

SO FIRST - Get my site moved, all current pictures back up on new hosting site - then I will start adding new pictures - probable start with new Vermilion County Illinois pictures that are not on the site yet, and then continue with all the other pictures.


November 20 , 2009 - Sorry, no updates yet. The place I host this site, Powweb.com (now owned by a company called Endurance) has been giving me hassle about my website. They first warned me that my site was in violation of their TOS, and if I did not fix it they would delete my site. I asked... no, I begged them to let me know WHAT on my site was against the TOS, and they would not tell me - just that I needed to fix it or risk deletion. (WOW - What a way to run a company, tell the customer to GUESS what the problem is, and punish them if they guess wrong.) I would then talk to someone at the place who would look at my site, and tell me everything looked OK so I should be OK - then 2 days later, someone else would issue the threat again. Ugh, what a pain PowWeb.com has been since Endurance bought them out.

FIRST - Don't worry, I have everything on the site backed up. SECOND - I already have a backup site ready to hurry and put the site back up if they do take it down. But I would rather not rush to move it, hopefully they will not remove anything and this winter when I have more time, I can then hopefully move & update the site at that time.

Why haven't I had time to do it yet? Because almost every day that I have had free time, the weather has been GREAT so I've been out taking A LOT of pictures of A LOT of cemeteries. In addition to the ones listed below, here is what else I have ready:

  • Vermillion County Indiana Pictures: Bales (322), Bono (1,884), Hall (388), Helts Prairie (3,340), Highland (504), New Hopewell (400), Towbridge (647), and Wimsett (658) [8,000+ more to add to the other 18,000+, so over 26,000 pictures to add]
  • Warren County Indiana Pictures: Baltimore (452), Bethel (174), Brier (244), Carbondale (277), County Home (70), Goodwine (398), Gopher Hill (729), Gray (214), Harman (381), Highland (3,410), Hillside (1,559), Hooker (134), Independence (1,571), James (183), Jones (625), Jordan (1,091), Locust Grove (1,726), McCabe (392), Mound (805), Owens (281), Pond Grove (1,324), Quaker (425), Rainsville (1,622), Redwood (542), Robb (276), Rodgers (96), Shankland Hill (475), Upper Mound (909), West Lebanon (6,564), and Woods (113) [so over 27,000+ Warren County pictures to add]
  • Iroquois County Illinois Pictures: Amity (1,290), Pineview/Evergreen/County Home (80), and over 1/2 of Floral Hill (8,601 so far)

So you see - over 40,000 pictures taken since June, and add that to the 46,000 I still have to add..... and you have over 80,000 more pictures to put on the site... and I'm not done yet. As long as the snow & rain stays away, I'll be out taking more pictures. But hopefully this winter, the weather will keep me inside & I will be able to update this site.

So keep tuned.... hopefully I will get this site fully updated soon.

June 6 , 2009 - Sorry, I have nothing new to add to this site yet, but that is not because I have not been busy - I've been very busy with this project, mostly out taking tons of new pictures, completing many other cemeteries, and creating internment lists from my pictures. I have not had time yet to sit down and put the new stuff out on this website, but hopefully soon. Some things that are done, and hopefully will be out on the site soon:

  • Vermilion County Illinois Pictures: Collison (452), Danville National (11,091), Fairchild (1,089), Hooton (271), Knights Branch (254), Lamb (363), McFarland (593), New Salem (281), Pape Botanical (65), Pleasant Mound (681), Snider (405), Sts Peter Paul (2315), Forse/Force (22), McGee (48), and Sunset (10,423) [total IL Vermilion to add: 28,000+]
  • Vermillion County Indiana Pictures: Burson (57), Carmack (159), Chenoweth (356), Harrison (122), Hicks (1,460), Hopewell (1,018), Howards Chapel (291), Johnson (279), Juliet (26), Memorial Chapel (960), Miller (409), Mound (1,058), Old Baptist (73), Old Newport (176), Ricketts (49), Smith (688), Switzer (81), Thomas (4,918), Walnut Hill (55), Dalton (101), Hall (388), Spangler (1,624), Shirley (821), Pisgah (399), Hollingsworth (158), Eugene (2,512), and Highfill (179) [total IN Vermillion to add: 18,000+]

So yea - over 46,000 more picture to add... and as you can tell, I've started to wonder to my next door county VermiLLion county Indiana (2 L's) - and VERY excited about getting pictures of EVERY stone in the 6 cemeteries inside the Newport Chemical Depot, cemeteries that in the past were very hard to visit, and camera's were not allowed because of the sensitive activities that have happened at the Depot in the past. (And want to thank the staff at the Depot which helped me get those pictures - and happy to say that they take good care of the cemeteries, and they are cared for... since I've seen some reports in the past of the cemeteries being very neglected... that is no longer the case.)

Oh, and yes, I did mention I've been working on internment lists from my pictures (names, dates, & picture # for each stone) - some that I have done and will hopefully be out here soon:

  • Vermilion County Illinois Internment lists: Allhands, Atherton, Old Atherton, Bethel (ross), Bethel (blount), Bethel (love), and a couple other very small cemeteries
  • Vermillion County Indiana Internment lists: [The 6 Newport Depot Cemeteries!] Memorial Chapel, Carmack, Walnut Hill, Juliet, Miller, and Burson .... Again, so excited that I was able to get all the pictures of these cemeteries which have been "unvisitable" for so long, I'm planning to hopefully have both pictures & internment lists out on my site soon.

Making internment lists takes A LONG TIME to do - going through each pictures, trying to read what is on it. Then also when I come up to unreadable stones, sometimes even revisiting the cemetery to see if I can read it better in person... just to make the internment list more complete. So again - keep checking back. Just because there is nothing new out on this site does not mean nothing is being worked on. Thanks for all the kind words people have given me, it is nice to hear from people in which this site has helped.... since that is the whole point of it.

SPECIAL THANKS: I again wanted to thank the people at the Newport Depot which allowed me to visit those cemeteries, along with taking me back to Burson cemetery through 2 locked gates. ALSO, I wanted to thank Dynergy (Illinois Power) staff member who took me back to McGee Cemetery. ALSO, wanted to thank the land owner of Forse/Force cemetery - it was my most interesting trip to a cemetery, standing on the back of a tractor holding on to my camera case, going up & down hills, through heavy mud, forging a creek, about a mile to the cemetery (and back) - all for a few pictures of mostly weeds, a couple foot stones, and old stone base - along with GPS reading... very far above what most would have done to help with my project.

April 21, 2009 - Well I just wanted to make a quick update since it's been 2 months since I last did an update. I haven't added anything new today, but that does not mean I haven't been working on new things. I have already taken pictures of 8 1/2 more cemeteries, along with taking new pictures of Fairchild Cemetery after they have done some "Spring" cleaning there - and I already know I had found a couple stones that were "hidden" before. So over 23,000 more pictures sitting on my computer waiting to be put out here. Not only that, I've been working on new internment lists also. So don't have anything new for the website yet, but it will be here soon.

NEW TO THIS SITE? The left hand side has all the good links. Under "Illinois", you will find Vermilion County where you will find links to each cemetery & the pictures for each cemetery. I will hopefully make the site a little more "user friendly" also - my first goal was to get the information out here. Second goal will be to make it easier to get around to the information.

February 15, 2009 - I have nothing new to add to the site today, but since this site was mentioned in The Commercial-News, in a Joan Griffis genealogy article - I figures I would make a quick update. Since it's been cold & snowing, I haven't done much picture taking in the past month, but I have been working on some internment lists, website general look, more outside of Vermilion County cemetery pages, plus other updates that will hopefully be out on the site soon.

HELP HELP HELP. The point of this website is to get out as much information to others as possible. So if you have additional information about a cemetery, please feel free to visit that cemetery & add a comment for that cemetery. Also, if you have access to old pictures that would be cool to add to the site, and VERY HELPFUL - if you have access to internment lists of a cemetery and would like to share it, please pass it along to me. I'm currently going through my pictures and making a list made from that, but it's slow. [Also only share the internment list if you have made it or it can be shared on this site - I don't want to take someone elses work and put on this site without permission. Some would rather not share their information freely.] Contact me at Vermilioncounty [at] coan.net

Do you have information about any of these cemeteries:

Current site stats:

  • 99 - Vermilion County Illinois cemeteries with complete pictures of every stone.
  • 121,000 - Pictures on this website

Once spring hits (well at least temps of 45 and above with no rain/snow/mud), I will be going after these cemeteries: Brierly, Collison, Danville National, God's Acre, Hooton, Knights Branch, Lamb, Makemson, McFarland, Pape Botanical, Pleasant Mound, St. Peter & Paul, Snider, Snyder / Outten Family, and Sunset. Plus hopefully have some leads on some of the "cant get to" cemeteries like Mcgee, Forse, and others.

Thanks for visiting this site.

January 18, 2009 - Thanks to a person who visited THIS SITE and commented on a cemetery I could not find - I was able to find a cemetery that was lost (well lost to me at least) - Workheiser Cemetery! I was able to visit the cemtery on January 3rd, and took GPS reading for exact map location, along wth pictures of everything. So thank you very much Harold. And if anyone else has additional information about a cemetery - please visit the cemetery page and leave a comment.

I've also been working on internment lists for a few cemeteries. This task takes a lot of time & work, so when I have time - I will slowly get more done and added to the site.

December 24, 2008 - Merry Christmas! Why Homer Simpson instead of a Christmas icon? Well I was watching the Simpsons Movie while I did this update.

What was updated today - A new internment list for Bethel (Blount) Cemetery in Vermilion County. As I have time, I will try to slowly get some more done. If you have access to any type of internment list that you made and would like to share here - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I'm happy to give you credt and such. (just don't go copy the information from another site and call it your own - since I don't want that done to my work, I don't want to have it done for others. Of course if it is your own work, you are free to share it in multiple places including here.

Anyway - Merry Christmas. I'm working on some other cool stuff that I'm not ready to update yet, but hopefully soon.

December 13, 2008 - I have added 7 more cemeteries, and updates for 1 more. Added 12,893 more pictures for new total of: 120,937 pictures. What is interesting about this update is that the FIRST 2 cemeteries I took complete pictures of in March & April 2007 was Johnson & Gundy Cemetery... which because I put those pictures in a different folder on my hard drive, kind of forgot about them until now. Also my last completed cemetery, Parish Cemetery (just after Thanksgiving, November 2008) is in this update. What is interesting is to see how differently I took pictures then compared to now. Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

December 8, 2008 - Well I did not add any new cemeteries today, but I've done a few other things, and have some "fun" year-end stats:

  • Added "Whats new (Archive)" page - basicly as I add these "what's new" here on the main page, it starts to add up - and I like to keep a record of when I added things - so when I clean up this main page - I will move the older stuff there.
  • Added "Site Comments" page - basicly there are now hundreds of pages on this site that allows comments to be placed on them. Since these comments might be helpful to other visitors, this page now lists all the comments & what page they are on.
  • Added "Vermilion County - Quick List" page - basicly a quick list of all the cemeteries in the county.
  • Added "Vermilion County - Map" page - the old map page has been updated - map with the location of every cemetery on it.

Some fun stats:

  • 91 - Cemeteries on site with complete pictures of every stone [107,937 pictures]
  • 7 - Cemeteries done, but pictures not on site yet (hopefully in the next week or so)
  • 16 - Cemeteries left to do - the ones I know where they are and have access to.
  • 11 - Cemeteries that I can't find or don't have access to.
  • 12 - Destroyed or moved cemeteries
  • 11 - Unknown cemeteries - unknown condition or location
  • TOTAL VERMILION COUNTY CEMETERIES: 148 (that I know about!)

HELP NEEDED: Please look below at the October 16th update for a list of cemeteries that I believe are destroyed, unknown location, or a cemetery I don't have access to - if you have additional information about ANY of those - please visit those pages and add a comment to the bottom of the page.

November 23, 2008 - I have added 8 more cemetery, and........ I now have over 100,000 pictures on the site!!!!! [added 16,369 pictures for total: 107,937] Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

**** Note, for the last couple of updates, the embeded Google maps are not showing up correctly (forbidden error) - I still can't figure out why it is doing this (old ones still working), but it's an error on my side and hopefully I wll figure it out soon.

October 31, 2008 - Happy Holloween. I have added a lot to the site - pictures for 18 cemeteries - 22,347 more pictures [TOTAL pictures: 91,568].


October 16, 2008 - OK, I've added a lot of things to the site..... 6,125 more picture for a TOTAL of 69,221 pictures total. The Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

If you have ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about any of the cemeteries - especially the lost, destroyed, and unknown cemeteries - PLEASE visit the cemetery page and leave a comment at the bottom of those pages - so others who are looking for information about these cemeteries can find it. (AND PLEASE if you have additional instructions on how to find a cemetery... or in some cases the stones if they have been moved from the original location, I would love to know.)

For example - Newell Cemetery was destroyed in 1974 - it was just north of the airport, but does anyone know the EXACT location? Please let me know if you do.

ACTUALLY - If you have ANY INFORMATION about ANY of the cemeteries I have listed here - even little details which you might have, PLEASE visit the cemetery page and leave a comment - others who are researching the cemetery might find any little detail helpful in their searches.

October 8, 2008 - I have added 3 more cemetery - and added updated photo's for 2 more cemetery, for a total of 6,034 new pictures [TOTAL pictures: 63,096] Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

September 30, 2008 - I only added 1 cemetery today: Springhill Cemetery - 25,173 pictures for this cemetery alone! [total pictures: 57,062]

I also added 2 more things to the Download page - Original scanned plot maps of Springhill Cemetery & BRAND NEW plot maps of Springhill Cemetery

Also updated the Books Page with some links to Google Books.

September 25, 2008 - I have added 21 more cemeteries, with 5560 pictures. Some of the smaller & harder to get to cemeteries in this update use older pictures I took back in 2006 - which at that time I was not taking as good of quality of pictures, and I do plan on revisiting those cemeteries at some point to get new updated photos of all the stones. (not all of the 2006 photo's were less quality - just some.) [TOTAL pictures: 31,889] Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

September 19, 2008 - I did not add any cemeteries today. But I did add a tips page, an updated picture use page, and the most cool thing - the Books page. On the books page, I have already added 6 books (5 on Vermilion County Illinois and 1 for Champaign County). These are older books - from the last 1800's to early 1900's - with biographies of the people who were in this county, along with other stories and general information about the history of these counties. [I enjoy them because they do talk about some of the older cemeteries - but I know others will enjoy them if you are looking for someone that has a biography written about them.] I've also updated a few spelling mistakes and minor things like that.

September 16, 2008 - I have added 6 more cemeteries - and 524 more pictures for those cemetery [TOTAL new pictures: 26,329]. Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

September 10, 2008 - I have added 5 more cemeteries - and 1,382 more pictures for those cemeteries [TOTAL new pictures: 25,805]. 4 of these cemeteries I have 2 different sents of photo's for each, for different times that I visited. 2 of them I have pictures from before & after vandalism struck the cemetery. Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

September 4, 2008 - I have added 2 more cemeteries - and 6,705 more pictures for those cemeteries [TOTAL new pictures: 24,423]. Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

September 2, 2008 - I have added 6 more cemeteries - and 6,002 more pictures for those cemeteries [TOTAL new pictures: 17,718]. Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

As I get time, I will add more to this site - so keep visiting and I will keep adding the Vermilion County Cemeteries until they are all done.... and then start on the next county.

August 19, 2008 - I have added 4 more cemeteries - but they are lost or destroyed cemeteries with no pictures but included some aerial photo's from 1940 for a couple of them which help show the possible location for them. So if you have more information about any of these, PLEASE visit the page and leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

August 18, 2008 - I have added 10 more cemeteries - and 6,616 more pictures for those cemeteries [TOTAL: 11,716 pictures]. Vermilion County Illinois Cemeteries Added:

I have complete photo records from over 80 cemeteries in this county - so give me some time and I will slowly get them all up..

August 14, 2008 - Site is now PUBLIC. There is still a lot of work to be done. For now, I'm working on VERMILION COUNTY, ILLINOIS - and as of today, I have 7 cemeteries pages added - along with 5,100 new photo's from those 7 cemeteries (Pictures of EVERY stone in each of them)

It takes me a little bit of time to add each cemetery, but I will continue to add them until I have all of Vermilion County Illinois done - and then I will start to do the other counties.

August 1, 2008 - New site is being worked on, not "public" yet. Things you will find::

  • Each Cemetery now has it's own page - allowing much more detail about each cemetery
  • Many pages now have "Comments" area near bottom - have some more information about a cemetery - ADD IT & allow others to see your comments
  • MORE PICTURES - I have taken pictures of EVERY stone in MANY cemeteries, and I'm in the process of putting them out on this site.

I'm still in the process of putting things out on this site - so give me a little bit of time and I will be adding everything soon. PLEASE NOTE: Vermilion County Illinois is the only section which really has anything right now. After I get all that information up, I will try to expand the other counties mentioned. To look at a page which already has the 1,500+ pictures up, along with a list of who is buried there along with what picture # the stone is - Check out Rose Cemetery



There are 5 comments
joan oakley
June 14, 2014 - 17:26
Subject: allhands Cemetery Kickapoo state park

Do you know why it is called Allhands

Reply to joan oakley
Michael Coan – Vermilion County Illinois
June 18, 2014 - 21:05
Subject: Allhands Cemetery


I believe is was started as a family cemetery - of the Allhands family (That is their last name)

Linda Baldwin – Danville,Illinois
May 26, 2011 - 11:52
Subject: My Oldest Sister

I just found out that my oldest sister Juanita Luise Cotellesso is buried here in Oak Hill cementery. She is my mother's oldest daughter thru her marriage to george W.contellesso . Juanita was born on November 27 1946 and passed away on febnuary 8 1947 she was 2 mths and 12 days old. I am going to serch the Oak Hill cementery and see if I can find her grave. If I can find her grave I am going to start putting memorial flowers on it every year.If her tombstone is not legable after I found out whee she is buried I am going to try to place a grave maker where she is buried. So other mebers of my family can locate her . when they do a family search .

Gail Hardy – Murfreesboro, TN
July 16, 2009 - 19:04
Subject: Newell Cemetery

I just found out that there is a possibility that one or more of my relatives may have been buried in Newell Cemetery. Ambrose Phelps Andrews married Elizabeth Newell who was born in Harrison County, KY, the daughter of "Squire" Newell and Winnifred Bridges. I believe both families moved to Vermilion County. Ambrose and Elizabeth are buried at the Walnut Corners Cemetery southeast of Bismarck. Does anyone have any more information on them?

Cindy Grasser – AK
February 20, 2009 - 12:29
Subject: Titles for Pictures

Many tombstones are unreadable when photographed, but can be read or rubbed to get the names and dates. Your pictures that you can't read would be more helpful if the names and dates were tagged to them. I grew up in Vermilion Co,IL and know many of the cemeteries of Vermilion Co,IL and Vermillion Co,IN and have taken many cemetery photos of cemeteries in the area. I applaud your efforts.
Old Hopewell Cemetery near Quaker,Vermillion,IN is hard to find, but I took pictures and my friend posted them on find-a-grave.com for anyone who didn't know it existed.

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