Yount Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Yount Cemetery

Also Known As: Yount Family Plot

Location:  Vance Township, east of Homer

Approximate GPS Location 40.04669 -87.93468 (link to Google Map)

Description: Yount Family Plot once had 7 graves, with the oldest being that of William Yount who was buried in 1837 - with the last burial taking place in 1872 for Arberry Yount. The cemetery was once surrounded by a wooden fence until the farmer of the land around the cemetery got tired of working around the stones, and dug a hole to bury the stones and farm over the cemetery..... supposedly with permission from Yount descendants.

The other 5 Yount stones once in this cemetery were: Joseph (1843), Harriet (1850), Frances (1855), Olive (1859), and Sarah (1869).

Below are 2 maps. One is an aerial photo from 1940, which I believe (GUESSING) shows a small slumps of trees which match the location given in old directions to the cemetery - which was used to calculate the approximate GPS location of the cemetery. The second map is a more recent satellite map with no sign of this area. If you have additional information about this cemetery, please leave a comment below.


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kevin siler – broadlands
January 02, 2012 - 17:51

that is my step moms fam

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