Woolverton Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Woolverton Cemetery

Location:  Grant Township, east of Hoopeston

Description: Records show that the cemetery property was originally sold in 1879 as a reserve cemetery - and maybe never been used? At one time, the property owner had no knowledge of a cemetery, but someone told him at one time a pile of rocks marked a site of a grave.

I'm unsure of the exact location and will try to do more research to find more information. If you know more, please leave comments below.








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Carol Hicks – Hoopeston, IL
January 10, 2012 - 14:19
Subject: Woolverton Cemetery

Woolverton Cemetery was located in a field on the west side of the Conservation Club road as you turn on it from Route 9. There were several burials there but they were moved except one, which is why there is a rock there, to Floral Hill Cemetery. Exact date of removals to Floral Hill, I don't know. Eileen and Ed Layden, of Hoopeston, are the ones I talked to about this. At one time I had a brief list of who all was buried there but don't know right off hand where it is.

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