Springhill Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Springhill Cemetery

Also Known As : Spring Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum

Location: Both Danville & Newell Townships, within Danville

GPS Location 40.14507 -87.62554 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Springhill Cemetery is the largest cemetery in Vermilion County, and still active. In 1864 a new cemetery was needed in Danville, and Springhill cemetery was incorporated. Up until this time, the Old Williams Burying Ground (Old Danville Cemetery) was the main cemetery used. Mr. J.C. Short, Mr. English, mr. leSeure, Dr. Woodbury, and Mr. A.S. Williams formed an association and bought 50 acres of land for $2,000. Later as the Old Williams Burying Ground was being closed, many graves were moved to Springhill Cemetery.

I spent many weeks here taking pictures of every stone in the cemetery, and also have remade the plot maps for the cemetery. (The cemetery themselves were working with copies of copies of copies... which of course were not always very clear.) Below I have a copy of the original (which sometime include additional information like plot size which I did not include on my maps), and the maps that I made for the cemetery.

Pictures: I took pictures of EVERY stone in this cemetery starting in 2006 I think... and through some of 2007 as I visited on weekends to do a block or part of a block. The pictures are orginized within blocks - BUT NOT PLOT NUMBERS. (I just started on one side and worked my way to the other side) So Block 1, plot 1 might be the first picture - or the middle or last picture in the Block 1 set of pictures.

Link to Pictures: 25,175 pictures (39 folders - up to 50 pics on a page)

Plot Maps: I made new Plot Maps for the cemetery, and also scanned in the original maps - both available here: [Original Plot Maps] [New Plot Maps]

Internment List: I started to index my pictures in 2011, and I have done Block 1 through Block 18, along with Soldier Circle. Then around February 2012, I found out someone at the local Museum started doing work in transcribing the original hand-written books into Excel. So instead of doing duplicate work, I had stopped my indexing, shared some tips that I had already learned - and hope that I might be able to use the new list to help identify the hard to read stones, and know who are in unmarked plots. I hope to add the basic list here on-line, and of course more detailed records would be available at Springhill Cemetery office, the Museum, and IGHS (Illiana Genealogical & Historical Society). I also hope to have all the indexs in an easier searchable database at some point.

AGAIN - This is just an index of Block 1 - Block 17, and soldiers Circle. There may be mistakes in here, so please confirm with stone picture.

Springhill Index Last Name: A - B (aprox. 1,246)
Springhill Index Last Name: C - D (aprox. 1,293)
Springhill Index Last Name: E - G (aprox. 962)
Springhill Index Last Name: H - J (aprox. 1,220
Springhill Index Last Name: K - L (aprox. 856
Springhill Index Last Name: M - M (aprox. 895)
Springhill Index Last Name: N - R (aprox. 1,268)
Springhill Index Last Name: S - S (aprox. 1,064)
Springhill Index Last Name: T - Z (aprox. 1,197)
Springhill Index Last Name: Unknown/hard to read (aprox. 479)



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Jim Jacks – Tyler,Texas
November 30, 2017 - 18:36
Subject: Parents grave stones .

parenys grave stones

Jim Moseley – Bartlett, TN
August 13, 2016 - 09:25
Subject: Old vs New Plot Maps


First of all, this is a great website and you have done an enormous amount of work to make this available to countless people - THANK YOU!

I have a question concerning a difference I see between the old and new plot maps, specifically in Block 14A. My 2nd great grandfather, William Austin NOE, is buried in an unmarked grave in plot 102 of this block. If you look at the old map, there is a plot 100 but it is not in your new map. This would "move" plot 102 one plot to the west on your map. Since William's grave is unmarked, I verified the residents of plot 110 (immediately north of plot 102 in your new map) with the cemetery office. This seems to verify plot 102 is correct on your map but I was hoping if you could also verify and/or comment on the difference between the maps. Thanks!

Robin Prigge – Minnesota
June 16, 2015 - 17:31
Subject: Permission to use Photo

Thank you for taking the time to photograph the headstones at this cemetery. I found my G-G-Grandfather's stone. May I use your photo for my personal research? Is it OK if I add it to my online tree? Of course, I will make sure to give you the proper credit.

Nancy Combs – Arizona
June 15, 2015 - 16:00
Subject: Permission to use photos

This is a wonderful website and you have provided a great genealogical resource by providing these images. Your efforts and accomplishment here are much appreciated. Please let me know if we may use these images for our personal research and if they may be posted to family tree sites providing we credit you for them?

scott marshall – san diego cal
May 29, 2015 - 23:48
Subject: great grandfather

i am trying to find the grave of Jesse D Cromwell and Emma Cromwell. i am not sure that they are buried here or at a differnet cemetary. My grandparents are there. i live in Cal and will never make it back there.


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