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Illinois - Vermilion County - Sandusky (Indianola) Cemetery
List created/updated February 2012
NO PIC = No stone found, information from other sources

Last Name First Name Photo # Birth Death Other Info
?? ?? 140 ? 26, 1861 Stone broke into 3 pieces, 1/2 buried and hard to read
?? Caroline E ?? 123 25y ??? (hard to read)
Baum Euphamy B No Pic Apr 2, 1856 10m.20d
Clark Elizabeth *245 Feb 4, 1872 72y.1m.3d w/o C. Clark (NOT my picture - found pic elsewhere)
Clickenbeard Infant Son No Pic s/o R.S. & L.L.
Clinkenbeard Rawser S *246 Aug 30, 1860 31y.10m.18d (NOT my picture - found pic elsewhere)
Garrett Drusilla 060 Feb 11, 1864 56y.2m.1d w/o Marcus
Hale Oscar No Pic Sep 30, 1898 Oct 7, 1898
Jinks Mary B 085 Jun 23, 1861 27y w/o Wm.
Jinks William E *085 July 23, 1861 1m.23d s/o Wm & M.E. Jinks (M.B.?) (Believe on other side of stone pictured)
Johnson Elizabeth Sandusky No Pic w/o Jacob Johnson
Johnson Infant Son No Pic Dec 10, 1872 s/o J & E
Johnson John W 117 Nov 29, 1856 15y.3m.5d s/o Jacob S & Elizabeth, stone broken
Matkin William H 030 Feb 24, 1846 27y
Matkin (Baum) Mary Sandusky 032 Jan 28, 1823 Oct 6, 1884 w/o Wm. Matkin & Samuel Baum
Parker Flora O No Pic Sep 8, 1865 3y.3m.12d d/o J & H
Pattison Catherine 168 Mar 14, 1814 w/o L. Pattison (mostly buried stone)
Popejoy Infant Son *242 Apr 6, 1857 s/o Wm & N.J. (NOT my picture - found pic elsewhere)
Sandusky Infant Dau. *243 broken stone (NOT my pictures - found pic elsewhere)
Sodowsky Abraham 007 Apr 17, 1866 73y.18d
Sodowsky Agnes No Pic Sep 7, 1837 11y.10m.20d d/o A & J
Sodowsky Jane McDowell 012 Dec 16, 1792 Feb 2, 1865 72y.1m.16d w/o A. Sodowsky
Sodowsky Sara J No Pic Jun 20, 1850 2y.1m.2d d/o W & M.E.
Spicer Elizabeth No Pic July 16, 1857 53y.9m.26d
Talbott Louisa J *90 Apr 27, 1882 50y.1m.5d w/o J.M. (could not get very close to this stone on my visit, but believe it is Louisa Talbott's stone.)
Wooldridge Elizabeth No Pic Aug 23, 1865 7y.9m.23d d/o J & S.A.
Wooldridge George W 070 Nov 25, 1865 3y.8m.23d s/o J & S.A.
Wooldridge Lucinda *244 Dec 21, 1865 5y.11m.23d d/o J & S.A. (NOT my picture - found pic elsewhere)
(blank) 014 Think it is just a blank footstone
(blank) 019 Think it is just a blank footstone
W.H.M footstone 038 Probable William H. Matkin's footstone
M.S.M.B footstone 062 Probable Mary Sandusky Matkin Baum footstone
H.H.T. footstone 065 Footstone for ???????
(blank) 083 There are 2 stones leaning against a base, think both are blank
J.H. ? ?? 099 Son of… broker stone
S.J.S. ? footstone 116 Footstone, maybe for Sara J. Sodowsky?
(blank) ?? 151 both sides of stone blank
Sandusky Josiah 208 Sep 11, 1837 Feb 13, 1901 NOT in cemetery - located in drainage area with another similar stone just below this one.  Not sure what the story is for these stones - look nicer/newer stones, a short distance from the cemetery back towards the house.  "Papa" on top of stone.  According to Find A Grave, Josiah is buried in the nearby Woodlawn Cemetery (Sandusky lot), all with "matching" stones - so it could be these were older stones that were replaced, and "disposed" of here to help with drainage.
?? ?? 217 Just under Josiah stone - similar look/size, but face down & buried by other rocks/stones
Knight Nellie No Pic Information from Norma Miller - c/o Martin & Mariah Smith Knight - died after 1882, before 1891
Knight Ethel No Pic Information from Norma Miller - c/o Martin & Mariah Smith Knight - died after 1882, before 1891
Knight Abraham No Pic Information from Norma Miller - c/o Martin & Mariah Smith Knight - died after 1882, before 1891
Knight Stella No Pic Information from Norma Miller - c/o Martin & Mariah Smith Knight - died after 1882, before 1891





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Timothy James – Oakwood IL
January 07, 2013 - 18:48
Subject: A strange find in the basement.....

My friends moved into an old home in Danville IL last June. I was in the basement yesterday afternoon and hidden in an old coal shoot, I found something most odd. A little girls headstone that is marked as Lucinda Wooldridge Died Dec 21st 1865 aged 5yrs, 11months and 23days. After making a few calls and doing some reserch on the net, I discovered that this headstone belongs in Sandusky cemetery. Lucinda's sister and brother Elizabeth & George are both burried there according to Vermilion co records. It seems that all of J & S.A. Wooldrige's children died with in a few months of each other. My guess is it was from typhoid or scarlet fever. I have NO idea why the previous renters would have stolden her headstone and put it in the basement, but they did. Now, we would very much like to right this wrong and return the stone to its proper place. Does anyone know if George or Elizabeth's headstones are still there? From the looks of the condition of the cemetery it may be most difficult to find the exact spot where her stone should be. We do however, wish to return this stone to its rightful place.

greg w clark – washington state
December 21, 2012 - 14:20
Subject: sandusky cemetary

hello my name is gregory william clark , i have recieved from my sister a family tree and it says that elizabeth griffith/ clark and Caleb Clark are buried there i saw the pic of elizabeths grave any info or probable sitings of calebs grave these i think would be my 3 great aunt and uncle any info you can send me would be grateful im tracing my roots LOL! itsa shame its in such shape. thank you!

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