Vermilion County Illinois (quick list)

Cemetery Name Also Known As Location Other Information
Adams Family Plot   South of Union Corner Still looking for location
Allen Family Plot   West of Alvin Destroyed
Allhands Cemetery   East side of Kickapoo State Park  
Amos William's Graveyard (see Old Danville Cemetery)
Atherton Cemetery   South East Danville Adjacent to Old Atherton & Sanhill Memorial Park cemetery.
Bailey Cemetery (see Denmark Cemetery)
Baptist Cemetery (see Dodson Cemetery)
Bethel (Blount) Cemetery   North West of Danville 3 Bethel Cemeteries in county
Bethel (Love) Cemetery   East of Ridge Farm 3 Bethel Cemeteries in county
Bethel (Ross) Cemetery Wiseman Cemetery North of Alvin 3 Bethel Cemeteries in county
Blakeney Cemetery (see Dukes Cemetery)
Blue Grass Cemetery     possible up to 3 "small" cemeteries along Bluegrass river (north of Ingersol Cemetery)
Bock Cemetery   East of Westville  
Bodkin Cemetery   North East of Homer  
Brick Church Cemetery (see Fairchild Cemetery)
Brierly Cemetery   East of Danville Sometimes misspelled as Bryley
Brittingham Cemetery   North of Oakwood Have not located this cemetery - HELP
Brooks Point Cemetery (see Dukes Cemetery)
Brookville Cemetery (see Parish Cemetery)
Butler Point Cemetery (see God's Acre Cemetery)
Campbell Cemetery (see Lamb Cemetery)
Caraway Family Plot   Westville  
Catholic Cemetery (see Resurrection Cemetery)
Chas. Hillman Farm Cemetery (see Shock Cemetery)
Chester Cemetery (see Oak Hill Cemetery)
Cline Cemetery (see Milner Cemetery)
Collier Cemetery (see Humrick Cemetery)
Collins Site - Indian Burial Mound   Inside Kennekuk Cove County Park Collins Archeclogical complex
Collison Cemetery Pilot Chapel Cemetery South of Potomac  
Concord Cemetery (see Mount Pisgah Cemetery)
County Poor Farm Cemetery   West of Tilton Adjacent to Songer Cemetery
Cox Cemetery   Inside Kickapoo State Park Sometimes referred to as Cox Family Plot. There is another small "Cox Family Plot" in Carroll Twp.
Cox Family Plot   Carroll Twp, near Indianola  
Crown Hill Cemetery   South of Ridge Farm  
Danville Lutheran Cemetery Lutheran Cemetery Danville  
Danville National Cemetery Veterans Cemetery Danville  
Davis Cemetery   North of Fairmount  
Davison Cemetery (see Gundy Cemetery)
DeMoss Cemetery (See Pentecost Cemetery)
Denmark Cemetery Bailey Cemetery Lake Vermilion Destroyed - possble moved to Gordon Cemetery
Dodson Cemetery (& Annex) Baptist Cemetery Inside Kennekuk Cove County Park  
Dougherty Cemetery   North East of Fairmount Sometimes misspelled as Daugherty
Dukes Cemetery Brooks Point & Blakeney Cemetery East of Westville  
East Lynn Cemetery   South of East Lynn  
Elwood Friends Cemetery Elwood Church Cemetery South East of Georgetown  
Embury Cemetery Embury Chapel Cemetery South West of Potomac  
Endicott Cemetery (see Knights Branch Cemetery)
English Cemetery (see Jones Grove Cemetery)
Fairchild Cemetery Brick Church Cemetery North West of Danville  
Fairmount Cemetery (see Greenview Cemetery)
Fairview Cemetery   South West of Sidell  
Farmers Chapel Cemetery   North of Danville  
Fielder Cemetery   East of Oakwood Destroyed / Unknown
Floral Hill Cemetery (This cemetery is just north of Hoopeston in Iroquois County)
Forest Park Cemetery   Georgetown Adjacent to Georgetown Cemetery
Forse Cemetery   East of Westville sometimes misspelled as Force
Georgetown Cemetery   Georgetown Adjacent to Forest Park Cemetery
Gods Acre Cemetery Butler Cemetery Catlin  
Gordon Cemetery   North East Danville  
Grape Creek Cemetery (see Parish Cemetery)
Greenview Cemetery Fairmount Cemetery Fairmount  
Greenwood Cemetery   East Tilton  
Grimes Cemetery   North West of Danville  
Gundy Cemetery Davison Cemetery East of Bismarck  
Hebron Church Cemetery (see Newtown Hebron Cemetery)
Hickman Cemetery   North East of Fairmount  
Higginsville Cemetery Smalley Cemetery South East of Potomac  
Hooton Cemetery   South Tilton Somtimes misspelled as Hooten Cemetery
Huffman Cemetery   North East of Danville  
Humphrey Cemetery (see Johnsonville Cemetery)
Humrick Cemetery Collier Cemetery East of Ridge Farm  
Indian Paint/Point Cemetery (see Nicholson Cemetery)
Ingersoll Cemetery   North of Potomac  
John Payne Graveyard (see Songer Cemetery)
Johnson Cemetery   North West of Danville  
Johnson Hill Cemetery   In Kickapoo State Park, North East of Oakwood Sometimes called Johnson Cemetery - adjacent to Michael-Rutledge Cemetery
Johnsonville Cemetery Thurman, Humphrey, Steward, Mt. Pleasant North West of Danville Some consider this cemetery named Thurman, and what I consider Thurman as Swisher
Jones Family Cemetery   East Danville HELP - Looking for more infor on this
Jones Grove Cemetery English Cemetery Catlin  
Judy Cemetery (see Wallace Chapel Cemetery)
Karter Cemetery (see Rankin Cemetery)
Kerby Family Plot   unknown unknown / Destroyed?
Kight Cemetery   North of Alvin  
Kistler Cemetery (see Oak Hill Cemetery)
Knights Branch Cemetery Endicott Cemetery South West of Potomac  
Lamb Cemetery Campbell Cemetery East of Danville  
Langley Cemetery   South East of Danville  
Larson Cemetery   unknown not sure if this cemetery ever existed
Lebanon Cemetery   South West of Indianola  
Leonard Cemetery   North East of Danville  
Liberty Cemetery (see Whitlock Cemetery)
Lithuanian National Cemetery (see Westville Lithuanian Cemetery)
Locket Cemetery   East of Westville  
Lorrence Pioneer Cemetery   Inside Kennekuk Cove County Park  
Lutheran Cemetery (see Danville Lutheran Cemetery)
Lynch Cemetery   East Danville  
Makemson Cemetery   North of Oakwood  
Manion Family Plot   unknown unknown / destroyed?
Mann's Chapel Cemetery   South of Rossville  
Mann's Family Plot   South of Rossville  
Martha Smith Cemetery (see Sharon Cemetery)
Martin Family Plot   North East Danville destroyed / unknown exact location
McBride Family Plot   South East of Danville  
McFarland Cemetery Dalbey Cemetery South of Muncie  
McGee Cemetery   North of Oakwood  
McKendree Cemetery   North East of Georgetown  
Michael Cemetery   North East of Indianola  
Michael-Rutledge Cemetery   In Kickapoo State Park, North East of Oakwood  
Middlefork Cemetery   South East of Potomac unknown location / destroyed
Miller Cemetery   East of Rossville  
Milner Cemetery Cline Cemetery North West of Danville  
Missionfield Cemetery   East of Oakwood unknown location / destroyed
Morehead Cemetery (see Potomac Cemetery)
Mose Reid Cemetery (see Whitlock Cemetery)
Mount Pleasant (see Johnsonville Cemetery)
Mount Pisgah Cemetery Concord Cemetery West of Georgetown  
Mount Vernon Cemetery   North East of Fairmount  
Nathan Howard Plot   East Danville Just off Winter Ave.
New Partlow Cemetery (see Partlow Cemetery)
New Salem Cemetery Salem Cemetery South East of Potomac  
Newell Cemetery Newell Grove, Old Grove Cmetery North East of Danville Destroyed in 1974
Newtown Hebron Cemetery Hebron Church Cemetery North of Oakwood  
Niccum Cemetery   East of Westville  
Nicholson Cemetery Indian Point / Indian Paint Cemetery East of Westville  
Oak Hill Cemetery Chester Cemetery, Kistler Cemetery West of Danville  
Oakridge Cemetery   Catlin  
Oakwood Cemetery   Oakwood  
Old Atherton Cemetery   South East Danville  
Old Collison Cemetery   North of Collison  
Old Danville Cemetery Old Graveyard, Amos William's Graveyard Danville Destroyed - most burials moved to other cemeteries
Old Davis Cemetery   West of Catlin Destroyed
Old Graveyard (see Old Danville Cemetery)
Old Grove Cemetery (see Newell Cemetery)
Old Partlow Cemetery   South East of Armstrong  
Old Sanduskey / Sodowsky (See Sandusky Cemetery)
Oliphant Cemetery   South West of Oakwood No Stones
Outten Family Cemetery Snyder Cemetery North of Oakwood  
Pape Botanical Gardens   Danville  
Parish Cemetery Grape Creek Cemetery, Brookville Cemetery South East of Danville  
Partlow Cemetery New Partlow Cemetery South of Armstrong  
Pate Cemetery   North West of Catlin  
Pellville Cemetery   West of Rankin Now Pellville Cemetery Prairie
Pentecost Cemetery DeMoss Cemetery North West of Danville  
Pilot Chapel Cemetery (see Collison Cemetery)
Pilot Grove Cemetery   East of Ridge Farm  
Pleasant Grove Cemetery   North of Oakwood  
Pleasant Mound Cemetery   West of Georgetown  
Porter Cemetery   North East of Collison  
Potomac Cemetery Morehead Cemetery East Potomac  
Prairie Chapel Cemetery   West of Rossville  
Price Cemetery   North Danville All 4 burials moved to Embury Cemetery
Rankin Union Cemetery Karter Cemetery, Union Cemetery North of Rankin  
Red Top Cemetery   South of Hoopeston  
Resurrection Cemetery Saint Patrick's Cemetery, Catholic Cemetery South Danville  
Rice Cemetery Sandbar Cemetery South West of Collixon  
Rose Cemetery   South East of Bismarck  
Rossville Cemetery   South Rossville  
Ruckman Cemetery   South of Potomac Destroyed
Saint Patrick's Cemetery (see Resurrection Cemetery)
Saint Peter & Paul Cemetery   East of Westville  
Salem Cemetery (see New Salem Cemetery)
Sandbar Cemetery (see Rice Cemetery)
Sandusky (Indianola) Cemetery Old Sodowsky / Old Sandusky Cemetery North of Indianola 2 cemeteries named Sandusky
Sandusky (Westville) Cemetery   East of Westville 2 cemeteries named Sandusky
Sanhill Memorial Park Cemetery   South East Danville Adjacent to Atherton & Old Atherton
Searl Cemetery   North East of Oakwood  
Sharon Cemetery Martha Smith Cemetery South of Georgetown  
Shock Cemetery Chas. Hillman Farm Cemetery South of Oakwood  
Smalley Cemetery (see Higginsville Cemetery)
Snider Cemetery   North West of Danville  
Snyder Cemetery (see Outten Family Cemetery)
Sodowsky Cemetery (see Wright-Sodowsky Cemetery
Songer Cemetery John Payne Graveyard West of Tilton  
Spicer Cemetery   South West of Georgetown  
Springhill Cemetery and Mausoleum   Danville  
Stearns Cemetery   North East of Fithian  
Steward Cemetery (see Johnsonville Cemetery)
Stump Cemetery   North of Oakwood  
Stunkard Cemetery   East of Sidell  
Sunset Memorial Park   North Danville  
Swain Cemetery   ??? all 9 burials moved to Oakhill in 1946
Swisher Cemetery (see Thurman Cemetery)
Thurman Cemetery / Swisher Pionier Cemetery Swisher Cemetery North West of Danville I had always called this Thurman, but recent work at cemetery, now with sign as "Swisher Pioner Cemetery", so that is the name I will start to call this cemetery also.
Trimmell Cemetery   North of Newtown  
Underwood Family Plot   In Forest Glen County Park  
Union Cemetery (see Rankin Cemetery)
Vermilion Grove Cemetery   North of Ridge Farm  
Veterans Cemetery (see Danville National Cemetery)
Vermilion County Poor Farm (see County Poor Farm Cemetery)
Wallace Chapel Cemetery Judy Cemetery North West of Potomac  
Walnut Corner Cemetery   North East of Danville  
Watson Family Plot   ?? Destryed?
Watson Cemetery   North West of Danville Need to find
Weaver Cemetery   North East of Indianola  
Westville Lithuanian Cemetery Lithuanian National Cemetery South Westville  
Whitlock Cemetery Mose Reid, Liberty Cemetery South East of Georgetown  
Williams - Fugate Cemetery Fugate Cemetery North West of Danville  
Wiseman Cemetery (see Bethel - Ross Cemetery)
Woodlawn Cemetery   North of Indianola  
Woolverton Cemetery   East of Hoopeston Destroyed
Workheiser Cemetery   North East of Kickapoo State Park  
Wright - Sodowsky Cemetery Sodowsky Cemetery West of Tilton  
Yankee Point Cemetery   North East of Ridge Farm  
Yount Cemetery   East of Homer Destroyed
Unknown Cemetery   East of Collison Land records showed an area to be a cemetery - not sure if it ever had any burials or not.




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May 15, 2017 - 01:06
Subject: Trimming a tree

There are many reasons to trim a tree, ranging from healthy maintenance to avoiding property damage to purely aesthetic value. Depending on the purpose and the desired result, this can be approached in various ways and achieved through different methods.

Mary Shelley – MD
February 09, 2015 - 14:00
Subject: Is Goodwine Cemetery the same as (New) Salem?

I was reading through Jack Moore Williams� and Lottie Jones� books The History of Vermilion County, and noticed there was once a town called Salem. They say it was east of Goodwine Cemetery. It is also south of Jamesburg and east of Higginsville. Where is Goodwine cemetery? Is it New Salem cemetery?

Sandra Nosler
January 27, 2014 - 12:05
Subject: Names on gravesites

I have been searching for the burial site of an ancestor. His wife is buried in FaIRMOUNT BUT THE CARTAKERS SAY NO ONE IS BURIED NEXT TO HER. I can't find a death certificate and I am out of ideas. Do you have names of people buried at the various cemeteries?

Dave O – Nebraska
December 04, 2013 - 15:04
Subject: Offutt's


in searching through all the photos I for Georgetown Cemetery I found 3 Offutt's on two photos. I had to go that route as trying to search the site listed no results. I have created three Memorials on Find a Grave, and would like to have the grave marker photos there if you are willing. The first is for Steven G. Offutt Find A Grave Memorial# 121162623. The second is for Sally Offutt, Find A Grave Memorial# 121162666. The third is Mary Dorothy Mendenhall Offutt, Find A Grave Memorial# 121162680. I also would like your permission to attach copies of the images to my genealogical data for these three people. If I get your permission the photos would be up on my Web Site on the Offutt Family

CJ – Rockford MI
March 19, 2013 - 15:56
Subject: James D Jones & Georgia Dixon Jones


I am researching my family tree,my Great Grandmother was Anna Mabel Jones, I have been researching her family tree, which is very
hard because her last name is Jones! Her Father was James D Jones birth March 1861 possibly, Ohio was were he was born, it is different
in each census. I have no date of death, Her Mother, was Georgia (Maiden name Dixon ) Jones born 1864 or 1866 in Indiana, again, no death
date. They lived in Danville, Vermilion, IL from 1900 to 1910. Anna Mabel Jones siblings were Frank Jones, Lola Jones, Clarence Jones, and Myrtle Jones.
I would appreciate any helpful hints as I am about ready to give up on this tree. Thank you so much

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