Pilot Grove Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Pilot Grove Cemetery

Location:  Elwood Township, East of Ridge Farm

GPS Location 39.88496 -87.61528 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Henry Fletcher donated the land for a church & cemetery. I believe it was a Quaker cemetery.

Pictures: I took pictures of EVERY stone in this cemetery in May 2008.

Link to Pictures: 1,066 pictures (50 on a page, 22 pages)



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Richard Longfellow
February 22, 2009 - 21:23
Subject: Longfellow

I have relatives buried here. Two i have identified as Mary C (hollingsworth) Longfellow and Grace Longefellow wife of Charles Perry Longfellow. But I cannot find Henry Longfellow husband of Mary C (Hollingsworth) Longfellow and Charles Perry Longfellow husband of Grace Longfellow. Can anyone help me with identifiing their tombstone?

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Don Forsythe
May 27, 2009 - 00:29

My name is Don Forsythe. Mary C. (Hollingsworth) Longfellow was a sister to my great-great-great grandfather, George Henderson Hollingsworth, a Civil War veteran. I have some info on Henry and Mary Longfellow. She was the daughter of Hiram and Isabelle (Thompson) Hollingsworth. I have found Henry and Mary Longfellow in three censuses so far: 1880 Vermilion County, Indiana; 1900 Hunter township, Edgar County, Illinois; and 1910 Prairie township, Edgar County, Illinois. Mary died in 1910 after the census was taken, and Henry was still living as of the census. I haven't been able to find a death date for him as of yet. I have some more limited info on the family if you would like.

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