Old Danville Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Old Danville Cemetery

Also Known As: Old Graveyard, Amos William's Graveyard

Location:  Danville Township, North-East corner of Madison & Washington in Danville (Beeler Terrance location now)

Approximate GPS Location 40.1293, -87.6256 (link to Google Map)

Description: This cemetery has been moved. The village of Danville was laid out in 1827. Soon after, Amos Williams gave some of his land for a cemetery, and originally called Amos William's Graveyard. (Later known as Danville Cemetery - and now as Old Danville Cemetery). It was located on the east side of Washington Ave. (Originally called Depot Street), and north of Madison Street - extending up to Seminary Street. Possible up to 2,500 burials here at one time. As Danvile grew, it grew around the cemetery and soon the need of more burial space was needed - so in 1864, Springhill Cemetery was started. From that point - and through the end of the 1800's, the Old Danville Cemetery was vacated and many burials were moved to the new Springhill Cemetery (some to Old Atherton). Officials asked people to move the decesed to other cemeteries - and some where moved, sometimes families did not have the money to do so - and just the headstones where moved - even heard story of some that were dug up and reburied at Old Danville Cemetery because the families did not want to move their loved ones. By the early 1900's, the land was sold & developed...... and through the next 100 years, there are stories of found bones & headstones when work has been done on the property.

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Buffy Rutledge – Ames,Iowa
March 06, 2016 - 21:40
Subject: Rutledge family

My 2nd great grandfather was originally buried here. Later moved to the Michael-Rutledge Cemetery located in the Kickapoo state park.

Kevin Banta – Utah
April 20, 2013 - 14:41
Subject: Burials at Old Danville

I have several relatives that based on death years (1848-1853) lived in Danville and North Danville at the time of death. I am curious if the sextant has records on who was buried at the cemetery and if they are available. Since the family had moved out of the area at the time of the transfer I assume that my ancestors were among those left/forgotten. If internment records exisit, I would be happy to transcribe them for publication to the internet.

Nancy Reed
May 06, 2012 - 19:10
Subject: William Reed

William Reed was the first sheriff for Edgar and Vermilion Counties, built the first log courthouse (where Woodbury's used to be), met with Black Hawk to curb an uprising. He married Angeline Hawkins and her sister married Asa Palmer. He moved from Danville to Newtown and was buried at Old Danville. I cannot find a record of his being removed. Angeline remarried twice. Any help greatly appreciated. Nancy Reed

Reply to Nancy Reed
Brian Makowski – By Danville, Illinois
January 27, 2013 - 00:31
Subject: William Reed

I once did some extensive research on William Reed (I even had a signed document by him at one time from the sale of the Vermilion Saline Lands that I wish I still had). I don't recall information about where he was buried though. You may try the building across from the courthouse; there is a place in there where all the old Danville records are kept. You may find something out in there.

Michelle – Indpls
March 29, 2011 - 22:48
Subject: looking for someone

I dont know much about my grandmother. Im told by my grandfather her name was Helen Elizabeth Blunckaul when she died in 1983, but i can not find any confimation to her last name or the correct spelling. I also know that she is buried in Danville IN. Her maiden name was Helen Elizabeth Dove - Mothers name Ruth Dove. If you have any info, if she is in the Old Danville Cemetary, and the correct last name/spelling please let me know by email.

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