Newell Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Newell Cemetery

Also Known As: Newell Grove Cemetery, Old Grove Cemetery

Location:  Newell Township, North East of Danville

Approximate GPS Location 40.211944 -87.60033 (link to Google Map)

Description: James Newell was a early pioneer in the area, and both Newell Township & this cemetery was named for him. (At one time he owned most of the land in Newell Township). The cemetery was on a mound which was surrounded by trees. (Some say the mound was an Indian mound.) In 1974, the owner of the land (who did not live in the area), bulldozed the cemetery over. I have put an aerial photo from 1940 below which SHOULD have the location of the cemetery on it - but all I know is it is north of the airport - I believe somewhere in this mile block... but where? (near the road - near the middle - ????? PLEASE, if you know more detail on the EXACT location, PLEASE leave a comment below.)

Some people buried here:

  • James Newell - b. Sept 25, 1785 - d. Oct 25, 1846
  • Mrs. James Newell (not sure of name or dates)
  • Lloyd H. Price - b. 1812 Pike Co. Ohio - d. 1876 (son of Robert G. Price)
  • Minerva Howard Price (wife of Lloyd) b. 1817 Pike Co. Ohio - d. 1864 - mother of 9 children
  • Christine Duncan
  • Rebecca Duncan
  • Mary Norris
  • John Norris
  • James Norris - d. 1850 age 52

If you have any additional information about this cemetery, please leave a comment below.


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September 14, 2017 - 22:27
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Beth French-Stout – Covington
July 29, 2012 - 22:56
Subject: Newell Cemetery

My friend Kate Hecker lived in the big house just north of the airport .She and I went there
many times when we were teenagers . The Cemetery was just behind the house but just a little to the north in a wooded area , it was still there in 1970.

Joe Rainey – rogers, AR
July 25, 2011 - 18:01
Subject: newell cemetery

James Norris was my great great grandfather. He was an early pioneer, settling
in Vermilion county about 1832. He was a preacher,represented the county in the
legislature and served as justice of the peace several years. Mary Norris was his
2nd wife, her maiden name was Newell. John Norris was the 2nd born son of
James and his first wife Elizabeth Carter. He died of disease about 1850. Mary
died of cholera about 1850-1851. James died soon after. This information comes
from my great grand father's memoir's.
I was planning to visit this fall and hoped to visit their graves. I quess that is out!!
Isn't there any laws in Illinois about desecration of graves?

Reply to Joe Rainey
Jeff Hamilton – Sierra Madre
November 27, 2016 - 02:17
Subject: Elizabeth Norris

James Norris was my 3rd great-grandfather. I am trying to find information on his first wife, Elizabeth Carter. Any ideas?



Rheta Dartt – Dabnville, IL
February 18, 2010 - 18:50
Subject: Cemetery

My grandparents lived on Bowman from the 1920's through the 1960's about 1-2 miles on north of the airport. My grandfather built the house and barn - the house is still there surrounded by all the new houses. When I was a kid, my granfather used to take me back in the woods,not straight behind the house but more on a northeast direction to the old cemetery. The family always said there was an Indian burial ground there also - in fact I have a rock from there that was supposed to be from the Indian burial ground - it had been at my grandparents until they moved, my brother inherited it and I inherited from my brother when he passed away last year.

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