Michael - Rutledge Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Michael - Rutledge Cemetery

Location:  Oakwood Township, located in Kickapoo State Park.

GPS Location 40.15820 -87.74945 (link to Google Map)

Description: Michael-Rutledge Cemetery is located on Kickapoo State Park property - adjacent to Johnson Hill Cemetery. Sometimes both cemeteries together are called "Johnson Hill"

Pictures: I visited this cemetery twice. In February 2006, I visited this cemetery for the first time. Back then I took less quality pictures (640x480) [starting in 2007, I use 2048x1536 - resized to around 1024x768 for the website]. But I wanted to include those pictures because in July 2007, Michael-Rutledge Cemetery was vandalized and some stones were knocked over & damaged. So I wanted to include the pre-vandalized pictures. [UPDATE: I revisited the cemetery in September 2008 and took a new round of pictures]

Pictures #1 - BEFORE Vandalism (Feb 2006): 95 pictures

Pictures #2 - AFTER Vandalism (Aug 2007): 250 pictures

Pictures #3 - Picture Update (Sept 2008): 300 pictures



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There are 2 comments
Buffy Rutledge – Ames,Iowa
March 06, 2016 - 21:22
Subject: Rutledge family

Thank you so much. The Rutledge family here are my ancestors

Carla Mullins-Tracy – Ohio
August 30, 2010 - 10:42
Subject: Thank you

Thank you very much for your time and effort in giving us pictures that we otherwise would have never seen.

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