McBride Family Plot - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: McBride Family Plot

Location:  McKendree Township, South East of Danville

GPS Location 40.05390 -87.55283 (link to Google Map)

Description:  McBride Family Plot only has a few stones - it is located just off the road, surrounded by farm land in a patch of heavy brush and trees.

Pictures: I first visited this cemetery in February 2006 and took 9 pictures. I revisited this cemetery in November 2008 and took 34 more pictures.

Link to Pictures: February 2006 - 9 pictures

Link to Pictures: November 2008 - 34 pictures



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Ronald Bolser
September 29, 2013 - 17:08

I live across the road from this cemetery. It is located on 1280 N Road.

I put the downed stones back up in 1981. I probed the entire plot and placed the stones in the exact location where they were found under the soil. While searching the surrounding field I found several pieces of tombstone that did not match any of the buried stones, so there are several lost graves. The original homestead was located directly to the North about 100 yards.

Kevin – Illinois
July 01, 2011 - 06:07

Hello, my name is Kevin Schmitt. I would like to start by saying that your website, photos, and work are wonderful! What has steered me in the direction of this page comes a few questions hoping could be answered. I have a great interest in the field/art of cemetery preservation and have worked in this field for a few years, in my recent past. I have just moved towards Vermillion County from Indiana. I'm new in town and could use some guidance in acheiving a few goals that i have set forth. Thank you for your time! If, at all possible, contact me at
Thank you for your time!


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