Kerby Family Plot - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Kerby Family Plot

Location:  McKendree Township, Sec. 18

Approximate GPS Location:  ?????

Description: The only information about location I can find about this cemetery is McKendree Township, Sec. 18. Some information about a few that are believed to be buried here:

  • Kerby, Henry J. (Sr.) - d. 4-14-1866 - 50y.1m.23d
  • Kerby, A. - d. 4-17-1889 - 69y.6m.3d.
  • Kerby, Lincoln - s/o H.J. & A. d. 10-2-1865 - 5m.20d

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Stephen Anderson – Carmel, IN.
September 18, 2014 - 13:49
Subject: Kerby cemetery

The coordinates for the Kerby cemetery are 40.034878N - 87.550503W. The house and barn are located at 10700-11998 Co. Rd.
2080E. The cemetery is in the woods behind the barn. I'm sure the stones are probably back on the ground by now. I had to set them up the last time I visited the cemetery.

Regarding the Kerby genealogy, H.J.Kerby Sr.'s father was Elisha II. The rest of the Kerby line goes like this: Elisha, Jesse, John Thomas, Robert Thomas, Thomas III, Thomas II, Thomas, George, Nicholas, John Kirby Kyrkeby, John Kyrkeby, Sir John Kyrkeby.

I have the Henry Jackson Kerby's family letters from the 1850's, at the time they were moving from Kentucky to Illinois. They tell the story of his brothers moves to Missouri. I also have all of Simeon B. Kerby's civil war letters. From these letters I was able to glean the fact that Elisha II was Henry's father.

Best Regards,
Steve Anderson

Tammy – Danville IL
February 17, 2014 - 15:40
Subject: Kerby Family Cemetery

Can either of you tell me if you have found the cemetery? I work for the Vermilion County Emergency Telephone System Board, 911 Administrative Office, and I am putting all the cemeteries on a map for our dispatchers. I would like to put this one on if you can give me some coordinates or a closer location.

Thanks for your help.

Reply to Tammy
Stephen Anderson – Carmel, IN.
September 18, 2014 - 13:17
Subject: Kerby cemetery

The coordinates for the Kerby cemetery are:

40.034878N - 87.550503W

The house and barn are located at 10700-11998 Co.Rd. 2080E
Danville, IL. The cemetery is in the woods behind the barn.

Stephen Anderson – 3579 Seminole Drive Carmel, IN. 46032
September 18, 2012 - 19:57
Subject: Kerby Family Plot - location in Mckendree Township, Vermilion Co., IL.

Dear Michael,
My great great grandfather was Henry Jackson Kerby. I've visited the Kerby Family Plot several times over my lifetime. I don't know the GPS coordinates, but I can give you an idea of where it is.
It is located behind the horse barn, in the woods, at the first house south of E. 1200 North Road off of 2080 East Road on the west side of the road. The House used to belong to a Mr. Olson, I believe. If you get the GPS coordinates I would like to know that. Thanks.

The one name you don't have listed in the plot is Dorcas Kerby - born 1 Aug. 1845 in Madison Co., KY. / died 17 June 1862 in Vermilion Co., IL. In addition, the "A" Kerby in the plot stands for Sarah "Sally" Ann Moorman, the wife of Henry Jackson Kerby. I have other relatives in nearby Niccum cemetery. I hope this helps you in your efforts to compile the best records you can.

Just an aside, I grew up with a Keith Coan ( born about 1944 ) in Danville, IL. Any relation to you?

Reply to Stephen Anderson
Scot Lee – Joliet, Illinois
September 08, 2013 - 19:01
Subject: Kerby Family Plot

So this would be on East Road. From looking at MapQuest there looks to be a house about a third of a mile south of East 1200N, but I can't tell if that is a horse barn near the house. Then about a half mile south of E. 1200N there looks like what used to be a residence, and there appears to be a barn there. So this would be by the close to the house, is that correct?

I am going down to Danville in a few weeks, and I would like to see the plot as I am a grandson of Mahala Jane "Jennie" Kerby Strawser. I would like to take photos of the plot, and if there are any headstones in disrepair possibly come back another time to fix any headstone.

As for the name Dorcas Kerby, I have never heard of that name before in all the research that I have done on the Kerby family.

I have been researching the Kerby family for close to 20 years, and I am trying to connect Henry Jackson Kerby to his parents, and I am looking at middle names for clues of surnames to relate to the Kerby family line. Looking at Henry Jackson Kerby and my great grandfather Lewis Cass Kerby as well as other children's middle names to try to see if there are corresponding records. I am told that the Kerby family was from North Carolina, but I can't find any link to any Kerby line there.

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