Gordon Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Gordon Cemetery

Location:  Blount Township, north-west Danville

GPS Location 40.16962 -87.64686 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Gordon Cemetery is located next to Lake Vermilion, and has been around since the mid 1800's. The cemetery is named after James Gordon, where he & his wife were one of the first buried here. At one point, a replacement stone was put up for them which listed Cynthia Gordon as being the first buried in the cemetery in 1812 - but it is believed someone read the original stone wrong since she died in 1842. (James passed away 1839). In 1924, much of the land where the town of Denmark, including Denmark Cemetery, was purchased to make way for Lake Vermilion - and the bodies in Denmark Cemetery (at least those with headstones) were moved to Gordon Cemetery.

Pictures: I took pictures of EVERY stone in this cemetery in October 2007.

Link to Pictures: 1,248 pictures (50 on a page, 25 pages)



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Marjean Workman – New Hampshire
June 30, 2014 - 17:14
Subject: Gordon Cemetery - Pape Database


The Pape Mortuary database has my ancestor, William M. Hinton, as buried in the Gordon Cemetery with a date of death of 27 May 1881. There apparently is no gravestone and I have not found another record to confirm this death date. When I contacted Pape Mortuary years ago no one seemed to know the source of this data, but they updated William´┐Żs entry with some information I had provided. Now that you are working at Pape Mortuary, I was wondering if you have any insight as to where this information may have originated. Was there an obituary, did the Mortuary conduct the services, are there other burial records for the cemetery?

Thank you for all of the work you have done with these photos and for any information you may have on the Gordon Cemetery.

Pamela Jamison
June 05, 2014 - 17:45
Subject: Robert Clark, Salome Adams Clark

I am trying to find the burial spot for these gr, gr, gr grandparents. Pape Mortuary has them listed as buried in Gordon Cemetery, but I cannot find their names on the list. Robert Clark died in 1907 and Salome Clark died in 1906. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you!!!

Bill Humble – Tennessee
March 29, 2012 - 16:56
Subject: Gordon Cemetery records

Do you know of any written records of burials for the Gordon Cemetery? I have the obit for my greart great great grandmothe r from 3/13/1895 that shows her as being buried in Gordon but have never been able to confim same with cemetery people. My hope in gaining info on her is to locate her husband(Philip Humble's(Humbel,Humble) who died in that area about May of 1873.
Any info would be helpful.


Thank you

Bill Humble

susan – evansville in
June 26, 2010 - 19:03
Subject: thank you

I have been doing searches on family members. your website has been wonderful!! I am related to about two thirds of the markers you published! Thank you!!

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