Forse Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Forse Cemetery

Sometimes spelled as: Force Cemetery

Location:  Danville Township, east of Westville

GPS Location 40.06001 -87.56860 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Forse Cemetery is a small family cemetery, with only a few known burials. It is currently located on private propery. At one time, you would need to get access through the U of I and their telescope which is located near by, but since then a lot of the land around there, including where the cemetery is located was purchased by D. McCollum - where he takes a different path back to where the cemetery is located.

In May 2009, D. McCollum was very helpful in meeting me and taking me back to where the cemetery is. (Me - holding on the back of a tractor holding my camera case going up & down hills, through heavy mud, forging a creek - all to get a GPS reading & a few pictures of the area, stone base, and possible couple of footstones that were found.) Anyway, even though not much was not there - a GREAT thanks to the land owner for taking me back there. At that time, he told me he wanted to fix the cemetery up & a comment below seems to confirm that.

Pictures: I took pictures of what I could find in this cemetery in May 2009.

Link to Pictures: 22 pictures

Internment List: I created this internment list (INDEX OF PICTURES) using my pictures, along with old cemetery readings and any other records that could be found. I have also created a similar list for the IGHS (Illiana Genealogical & Historical Society) that includes additional information then what is found here, so please check them out if you are looking for additional information. PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT guarantee the list of be 100% accurate or correct. If you have any additional information or corrections, please feel free to add a note below. Also PLEASE do not copy the list & call it your own - give credit back to COAN.NET or to this site, Thanks

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Dannel McCollum
January 02, 2012 - 10:00
Subject: Forse Cemetery

Sir: Forse Cemetery, which is in Danville Township just above the Mckendree Twp line, is located on land owned by the above-named person. It appears to have only two burials of the Forse (or Force) family ca mid 19th century. At present, I have no information regarding the family although I am interested in any information that might be available. The cemetery is currently in the process of being rehabilitated and will be available to members of the McCollum family. Incidentally, the access to the cemetery is only through the extension of TR 1280 and the permission of the property owner.

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