Cox Cemetery - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Cox Cemetery

Also Known As: Cox Family Plot

Location:  Catlin Township, inside Kickapoo State Park - in the Campground area

GPS Location 40.13499 -87.73786 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Cox cemetery is located inside of Kickapoo State Park, inside the campground area. It is believed there are around 15-20 graves at this location. Today, only a replacement stone is left - in the early 1960's there were 2 additional stones at this location:
1. James H. Cox - d. April 24, 1854 - age 7 months - son of W & JA
2. Isaac H. Renard - d. Aug 27, 1854 - age 15y.11m - son of A & JA

Pictures: I visited this cemetery in early 2006. Even though I took pictures of the old stone, I plan to revisit to take better quality pictures as I have for many of the other cemeteries.

Link to Pictures: 4 pictures



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