Brittingham Family Plot - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Brittingham Family Plot

Location:  Oakwood Township, North of Oakwood

Approximate GPS Location 40.14889 -87.76789 (link to Google Map)

Description: I have not found this cemetery yet - I have visited the area, but was unable to located (have a feeling it was right under my nose). Where N 900E road meets Newtown road, the cemetery is behind the first house on the east side of 900E - about 300 feet from the road. There is at least 1 person buried here:

Brittingham, Mary Williams - wife of Jeremiah - d. Jan 4, 1835 - 75y old

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August 04, 2015 - 04:58
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Pam – Rocky Mountains
May 11, 2012 - 01:55
Subject: Brittingham family history

I have Benjamin Brittingham family history from 1600's in the Virginia/Maryland area. My great-great grandmother was Nancy Brittingham who married into the DeLay family and lived in/near Danville, Vermillion County, IL. This family history was researched in the 1920's30's, cites wills and property records of the descendants of Benjamin Brittingham from England. I don't know if this information is useful to you and I do not know for certain where Nancy Brittingham is burried. She died before her husband, who relocated to Wisconsin and lived the rest of his life with his son and daughter-in-law in Wisconsin.

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