Blue Grass Cemetery (Cemeteries) - Vermilion County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Blue Grass Cemetery (Cemeteries)

Location:  Middle Fork Township ??

Description: Well I found some information of a cemetery called Bluegrass / Blue Grass Cemetery that is along the bluegrass river - north of Ingersol Cemetery. It is also possible this is actually 2-3 small family cemeteries, or plot where the poor where buried.

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Robert C. Sollars – Eugene, Lane Co., OR
July 02, 2011 - 19:40
Subject: Blue Grass, Middlefork Twp., Vermilion Co., IL Cemetery . . .

I believe you will find that most burials of those who died in and near Blue Grass are found in Wallace Chapel Cemetery a couple of miles south of the crossroads in a cornfield where blue Grass once showed promise as an upcoming prairie town. My grandfather, Azariah Sollars (1875-1966) was raised their by his elderly father Truman R. Sollars (1812-1898) and under the wing of Gabriel Judy and later his brother Mark Judy who was founder of the girl's school adjoining his property south of Blue Grass halfway down the road to Wallace Chapel.
Truman R. Sollars, his 2nd wife Susan Conrad and their children arrived in Blue Grass in 1880 having moved there from Eugene, Vermillion Co., IN in time to make the census of that year. He was in company with his nephew Myrick Coil and family Who he had raised back in Eugene. Myrick Coil, a Civil War veteran, was the last postmaster of Blue Grass when that service was closed down in 1900. The old gent cut his house, store, post office in half right down the center beam and moved it into Marysville/Potomac. He and his wife lived there until their new home was built and the old structure turned into a shed/garage and used as such until 1962 when it was removed. I always referred to it as being the last remnant of Blue Grass.
Truman R., wife Susan, daughter Maud are all buried in Wallace Chapel Cemetery, beside the marker of Millie McCorkle Sollars and infant son. She was the wife of Truman "Coon" T. Sollars who was a grandson of Truman R. Sollars. Millie's grave is the guide-on of six family members to the left (south) of her marker: these are unmarked graves in this order: John Coil (1871-1882); Susan (1883-1884), Maud (1874-1892), Truman R., (1812-1898); Levi Alonzo Sollars (1855-1916) son of Truman R., and 1st wife, Nancy Gebhart; and Edia Rush Sollars (1861-1918) wife of Lon.
I'm not sure where I am going with this at this point. I have some photographs of Wallace Chapel and some of the cemetery if there is an interest in same.

Robert C. Sollars

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