Vermilion County Illinois

Febrary 2012 - PLEASE NOTE - I have not updated this page yet. I've been trying to add more pictures to different cemeteries, but haven't had a chance to fully update THIS page - please check out the QUICK LIST which I have been updating.

I'm slowly getting all the information along with TONS more over on my redesigned site - but in case something is missing, here are some old links that should still work: [old map page] [old cemetery list] [old picture page]

Vermilion County has around 125 cemeteries. I have visited almost all of them. Each cemetery now has their own page dedicated just to that cemetery. Hopefully this will allow more detailed information about each cemetery.

A - Vermilion County Illinois - A

Adams Family Plot

Allen Family Plot

Allhands Cemetery

Atherton Cemetery
Amos William's Graveyard (see Old Danville)
B - Vermilion County Illinois - B

Bethel (Blount) Cemetery

Bethel (Love) Cemetery

Bethel (Ross) Cemetery
Blue Grass Cemetery

Bock Cemetery

Bodkin Cemetery

Brierly Cemetery

Brittingham Cemetery
Bailey Cemetery (see Denmark)
Baptist Cemetery (see Dodson)
Blakeney Cemetery (see Dukes)
Brick Church Cemetery (see Fairchild)
Brooks Point Cemetery (see Dukes)
Brookville Cemetery (see Parish)
Butler Point Cemetery (see God's Acre)
C - Vermilion County Illinois - C

Caraway Family Plot

Collins Site - Indian Burial Mound

Collison Cemetery

County Poor Farm Cemetery

Cox Cemetery

Crown Hill Cemetery
Campbell Cemetery (see Lamb)
Chester Cemetery (see Oak Hill)
Cline Cemetery (see Milner)
Collier Cemetery (see Humrick)
Concord Cemetery (see Mount Pisgah)
Chas. Hillman Farm Cemetery (see Shock)
Catholic Cemetery (see Resurrection)
D - Vermilion County Illinois - D

Danville Lutheran Cemetery

Danville National Cemetery

Davis Cemetery
Denmark Cemetery

Dodson Cemetery (& Annex)

Dougherty Cemetery

Dukes Cemetery
Davison Cemetery (see Gundy)
DeMoss Cemetery (See Pentecost)
E - Vermilion County Illinois - E

East Lynn Cemetery

Elwood Friends Cemetery

Embury Cemetery
Endicott Cemetery (see Knights Branch)
English Cemetery (see Jones Grove)
F - Vermilion County Illinois - F

Fairchild Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Farmers Chapel Cemetery
Fielder Cemetery

Forest Park Cemetery

Forse Cemetery
Fairmount Cemetery (see Greenview)
Floral Hill Cemetery (in Iroquois IL County)
G - Vermilion County Illinois - G

Georgetown Cemetery

Gods Acre Cemetery

Gordon Cemetery

Greenview Cemetery

Greenwood Cemetery

Grimes Cemetery

Gundy Cemetery
Grape Creek Cemetery (see Parish)
H - Vermilion County Illinois - H

Hickman Cemetery

Higginsville Cemetery

Hooton Cemetery

Huffman Cemetery

Humrick Cemetery
Hebron Church Cemetery (see Newtown Hebron)
Humphrey Cemetery (see Johnsonville)
I - Vermilion County Illinois - I

Ingersoll Cemetery
Indian Paint/Point Cemetery (see Nicholson)
J - Vermilion County Illinois - J

Johnson Cemetery

Johnson Hill Cemetery

Johnsonville Cemetery

Jones Cemetery

Jones Grove Cemetery
John Payne Graveyard (see Songer)
Judy Cemetery (see Wallace Chapel)
K - Vermilion County Illinois - K
Kerby Family Plot

Kight's Family Plot

Knights Branch Cemetery
Karter Cemetery (see Rankin)
Kistler Cemetery (see Oak Hill)
L - Vermilion County Illinois - L

Lamb Cemetery

Langley Cemetery
Larson Cemetery

Lebanon Cemetery

Leonard Cemetery

Locket Cemetery

Lorrence Pioneer Cemetery

Lynch Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery (see Whitlock)
Lithuanian National Cemetery (see Westville Lithuanian)
Lutheran Cemetery (see Danville Lutheran)
M - Vermilion County Illinois - M

Makemson Cemetery
Manion Family Plot
Martin Family Plot

Mann's Chapel Cemetery

Mann's Family Plot

McBride Family Plot

McFarland Cemetery
McGee Cemetery

McKendree Cemetery

Michael Cemetery

Michael-Rutledge Cemetery
Middlefork Cemetery

Miller Cemetery

Milner Cemetery
Missionfield Cemetery

Mount Pisgah Cemetery

Mount Vernon Cemetery
Martha Smith Cemetery (see Sharon)
Morehead Cemetery (see Potomac)
Mose Reid Cemetery (see Whitlock)
Mount Pleasant (see Johnsonville)
N - Vermilion County Illinois - N

New Salem Cemetery

Newell Cemetery

Newtown Hebron Cemetery

Niccum Cemetery

Nicholson Cemetery
New Partlow Cemetery (see Partlow)
O - Vermilion County Illinois - O

Oak Hill Cemetery

Oakridge Cemetery

Oakwood Cemetery

Old Atherton Cemetery

Old Collison Cemetery
Old Danville Cemetery
Old Davis Cemetery

Old Partlow Cemetery
Oliphant Cemetery
Old Graveyard (see Old Danville)
Old Grove Cemetery (see Newell)
Old Sanduskey / Sodowsky (See Sandusky)
P - Vermilion County Illinois - P

Pape Botanical Gardens

Parish Cemetery

Partlow Cemetery

Pate Cemetery

Pellville Cemetery
Pentecost Cemetery

Pilot Grove Cemetery

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Pleasant Mound Cemetery

Porter Cemetery

Potomac Cemetery

Prairie Chapel Cemetery
Price Cemetery
Pilot Chapel Cemetery (see Collison)
R - Vermilion County Illinois - R

Rankin Union Cemetery

Red Top Cemetery

Resurrection Cemetery

Rice Cemetery

Rose Cemetery

Rossville Cemetery
Ruckman Cemetery
S - Vermilion County Illinois - S

Saint Peter & Paul Cemetery
Sandusky (Indianola) Cemetery

Sandusky (Westville) Cemetery

Sanhill Memorial Park Cemetery

Searl Cemetery

Sharon Cemetery
Shock Cemetery

Snider Cemetery
Snyder / Outten Family Plot

Songer Cemetery

Spicer Cemetery

Springhill Cemetery and Mausoleum

Stearns Cemetery

Stump Cemetery

Stunkard Cemetery

Sunset Memorial Park
Swain Cemetery
Sodowsky Cemetery (see Wright-Sodowsky)
Saint Patrick's Cemetery (see Resurrection)
Salem Cemetery (see New Samel)
Sandbar Cemetery (see Rice)
Smalley Cemetery (see Higginsville)
Steward Cemetery (see Johnsonville)
Swisher Cemetery (see Thurman)
T - Vermilion County Illinois - T

Thurman Cemetery

Trimmell Cemetery
U - Vermilion County Illinois - U

Underwood Family Plot
Union Cemetery (see Rankin)
V - Vermilion County Illinois - V

Vermilion Grove Cemetery
Veterans Cemetery (see Danville National)
Vermilion County Poor Farm (see County Poor Farm)
W - Vermilion County Illinois - W

Wallace Chapel Cemetery

Walnut Corner Cemetery
Watson Family plot
Watson Cemetery

Weaver Cemetery

Westville Lithuanian Cemetery

Whitlock Cemetery
Williams - Fugate Cemetery

Woodlawn Cemetery
Woolverton Cemetery

Workheiser Cemetery

Wright - Sodowsky Cemetery
Wiseman Cemetery (see Bethel - Ross)
Y - Vermilion County Illinois - Y

Yankee Point Cemetery
Yount Cemetery
"unk" - Vermilion County Illinois - "unk"
Unknown Cemetery



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Everett Mills – Kankakee, il
October 30, 2012 - 21:42
Subject: Holcom Mills Born 7/14/1852? Died 8/16 1931

Hello, I am looking for information or location of the burial site for my grat Grandfather Holcomb Mills. The records indicate he was buried in Indianola, Vermilion, Ill. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You, Everett Mills

Reply to Everett Mills
Michael A. Coan – Vermilion County Illinois
October 31, 2012 - 07:23
Subject: Holcolm Mills

Hello, Pape Mortuary in Danville has a website where they have a good database of people that they have recorded from cemetery lists, newspaper obituaries, family resources, etc.... and they do have a Holcolm Mills July 14, 1852 - Aug 16, 1931 listed:

They have him listed as being in Michael Cemetery, which is in the Indianola area. I took a quick look at the cemetery readings from that cemetery, and there is not a Holcolm listed - so I'm guessing if he is buried there, he doesn't have a stone. (And of course you can look through the pictures I took from that cemetery if you want to look yourself.)

I have found errors on the Pape Database, so if possible if I was you, I would try to confirm the information - possible look for a newspaper obituary - you can check with the local genealogy place which may have an obit:

Or you can check with the local library which has microfilm of local newspapers where they can look things up.

Good Luck.

Donna Rounds – Galesburg, IL
August 02, 2012 - 17:14
Subject: Need and date

I am looking for my cousins death date so I could get a copy of her obitary. Her name was Martha Pearl (Lawhun) Chase of Danville, Illinois. The clostest I can come is that she died sometime after July 29--2010 to Dec 31--2011. Her husband's name was Burton Chase also deceased.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Donna Rounds

jacky groose – Nine Palms, Cal.
February 03, 2012 - 20:54
Subject: great job

great job keep up the good work

Loral D. Verhoeven – Riverton, Wyoming
January 30, 2012 - 17:07
Subject: Maybe a mystery cemertaty

You are doing a excellent job for all interested in finding their ancestors. I was born in my grandfathers house in Tilton back in 1931 so as I read the names on the various head stones,in Oakhill, Songer, Greenwood, Pleasant Hill, I remember many of those families and individules personally and very well. I am a Korean Vet and of course I look at the military head stones with interest. So many of my friends are now gone. There was one in Oakhill cemetary which really caused a double take because I still have photo's in my family photo's of the two of us playing marbles on the front sidewalk of the old two room school in Hillery. Such memories.

However the last time I was back home in 2007, I was looking for some of my ancestors when I ran into a small cemetary at the side of the road.It is evidently a family plot, and rather beat up, but some one had been taking some care of it. Perhaps you are aware of this but perhaps not. The location is east of Songer cemetary, on the Songer Cemetary road. As one follows the gravel road east, it will eventually turn south. the location of this plot is on the left hand side of the road going south. If memory serves me there is a tree growing in the site, but I don't recall if any graves are disturbed yet. Anyhow if you are aware of this plot, okay, if not perhaps you would want to check it out. Keep up the good work. Loral

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