Umbenhower Cemetery - Champaign County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Umbenhower Cemetery

Location:  Sidney Township, West of Homer

GPS Location 40.04276, -88.01299 (link to Google Map)

Description:  In this cemetery, I see stones that spell the last name 3 different ways: Umbenhower, Umbanhowar, and Umbanhower. In the map on this page, the cemetery is located where the green arrow is (not the red "A" which google puts on there for some reason.) I BELIEVE that the land owner may be the house that is off of CR 2400 E - with a small lane now along the fence line back & through the cemetery. (I believe the cemetery is where this lane was made - found one small footstone in middle of this lane, along with the stone near the fence, and on the other side of the fence to the north... possible was at one time located where this lane is now at.)

When I visited, I came from CR 2375 E area since I could not find anyone home or around at the time I visited. I stumbled across a couple of stones there were already burried with leaves, so I'm sure there are more stones here that I was unable to get picture of - hidden by fallen leaves and such. There are 2 military veteran stones that I found & pictured along with all the other stones I could find.

Pictures: I took pictures of EVERY stone in this cemetery in February 2012

Link to Pictures: 99 pictures (50 on a page, 2 pages)




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