Sugartree Grove Cemetery - Champaign County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Sugartree Grove Cemetery

Also Known As: Brumley Cemetery

Location:  Urbana Township, North-East of Urbana

GPS Location 40.12126, -88.15970 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Sugartree Grove cemetery is also known as Brumley Cemetery. PLEASE NOTE: There is also another burial place in Urbana Twp. about 1 1/2 miles north-east of this location that was known as the "Gilliland and Brumley Burials" or "Brumley Burials/Cemetery" - and since the only known burials in Sugartree Grove cemetery is also Brumley's & Gilliland's - sometimes these places can be confused.

In the 1930's, it was said to still contain about a dozen monuments among the two sugar and one walnut trees - and was at that time completely surrounded by farmland. In the 1950's, the D.A.R. transcribed the stones that were left (and match up mostly to what I still found today).

BELOW, I have an aerial photo of the area from around 1940. It shows a big field, with just 1 spot of tree's. When this photo is overlaided with current satellite pictures, that area very closely matches up to the current location of the stones. When I visited in March 2012, the current landowners have lived there for many years, and have always remembers those stones as being in that area. But they were not sure if the cemetery was actually in that location, or elsewhere on the property with the stones moved to this location.

Known to be buried there:

• Isaac W. Brumley, s/o S & E.G. - d. Sep 6, 1859 25y.11m
• John C. Brumley, s/o W & J - d. Oct 30, 1851 6m.7d
• [Pic #03] John H. Brumley - d. Aug 26, 1859 28y.10m.11d
• [Pic #17] Samuel Brumely - d. Jan 19, 1850 52y.11m.1d
• [Pic #14] William H. Brumley - d. Apr 23, 1869 49y.7m
• [Pic #15] "Twin Sons" Gilliland, children of A.J. & E.G. - b./d. Jul 13, 1851

Pictures: I took pictures of EVERY stone in this cemetery in March 2012.

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