Champaign County Illinois (quick list)
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Cemetery Name Also Known As Location Other Information
American Legion Cemetery (See Homer G.A.R. Cemetery)
Andy Rock Cemetery (See Rock Cemetery)
Ash Grove Cemetery (See Bailey Memorial Cemetery)

Ayers Lutheran Cemetery (See Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery)

Bailey Memorial Cemetery Ash Grove Cemetery, Tolono Grove Cemetery NW of Tolono  
Bartley Cemetery Cemetery   St. Joseph Twp. Destroyed
Battershell Burials   Stanton Twp.


Beckman Cemetery   NE of Thomasboro  
Beekman Cemetery   NW of Fisher  
Bethel Cemetery Bethel / Harris, Seymour M.E. Cemetery North of Seymour  
Bethlehem Cemetery German Lutheran East of Mahomet  
Bliss Cemetery (See Old Bliss Cemetery)
Bongard Cemetery (See Saint Joseph Cemetery)
Boys Family Cemetery   Stanton Twp. Moved to Mount Olive Cemetery
Brownfield Cemetery   NE of Urbana SE corner of Yearsley Cemetery
Brumley Cemetery (See Gilliland Cemetery)
Brumley Cemetery (See Sugartree Grove Cemetery)
Bryant Cemetery   Mahomet  
Burris-Hartman Cemetery   South of St. Joseph  
Cain-Shaefer Cemetery   Ludlow Twp. Destroyed
Calvary Catholic Cemetery Mount Calvary Cemetery NE of Philo  
Captain Davidson Cemetery   Tonolo Twp. Moved to Mount Hope in 1908

Champaign Catholic Cemetery (See Saint Marys Cemetery)

Champaign County Poor Farm Cemetery   Urbana  
Chenowith Cemetery   Kerr Twp.  
Clements Cemetery   NE of Urbana  
Compromise Cemetery (Wee Welles Cemetery)
Cora Brooks Cemetery (See Van Meter Cemetery)
Coslet Cemetery (See Shafer Cemetery)
Craw Cemetery   North of Sadorus  
Davis Cemetery (See Riverside Cemetery)
Davis Memorial Cemetery Pesotrum Cemetery Pesotum  
Deadman's Grove Cemetery   St. Joseph Twp. Destroyed
Dunkard Cemetery (See Old Homer Cemetery)
Dunn Cemetery Locust Grove Church Cemetery NE of Urbana  
East Bend Cemetery   NW of Fisher  
Eastlawn Burial Park   Urbana  
Eden Cemetery   Rantoul  
Elizabeth Louks Cemetery   Tolono Twp. Destroyed
Elmwood Cemetery   Rantoul Twp.  
Ensley Cemetery (See Locust Grove Church Cemetery)
Fisher Cemetery   East of Mahomet  
Friends Church Cemetery (See Huls Cemetery)
G. A. R. Cemetery (See Homer G. A. R. Cemetery)
George Peters Family Cemetery   Somer Twp. Destroyed
German Evan. Lutheran Cemetery (See Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery)
German Lutheran Cemetery (See Bethlehem Lutheran Cemetery)
Gilliland Cemetery Brumley Cemetery Urbana Twp Destroyed
Grandview Memorial Gardens   NW of Champaign  
Greenwood Cemetery Harvey Addition, Harvey Cemetery Urbana Adjacent to East Lawn Cemetery
Gregory Burial Plot   Urbana U of I Grounds
Haines Family Cemetery   Compromise Twp. Destroyed
Harris Cemetery (See Bethel Cemetery)
Harvey Addition / Cemetery (See Greenwood Cemetery)
Harwood Chapel Cemetery Webber Cemetery North of Gifford  
Hitz Family Cemetery   Ludlow Twp. Destroyed
Hixon Cemetery (See Rice Cemetery)
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Saint Malachy, Rantoul Holy Sepulchre, Rantoul Catholic Cemetery Harwood Twp.  
Homer G. A. R. American Legion Cemetery, G.A.R. Cemetery Homer  
Huffman Cemetery   East of Ludlow  
Huls Cemetery   SW of Gifford  
Huss Chapel Cemetery Bill Huss Chapel Cemetery, New Huss Cemetery North of Sidney  
Immaculate Conception Cemetery (See Saint Elizabeth Cemetery)
Immaculate Conception Cemetery (See Saint Joseph Cemetery)
Immanuel Luteran Cemetery Ayers Lutheran Cemetery NW of Broadlands  
Ivesdale Cemetery (See Saint Joseph Cemetery)
Jersey Cemetery Jersey Presbyterian Cemetery NE of Mahomet  
Jessee Cemetery   NW of Villa Grove  
Kemp Cemetery Kemp Children Cemetery Tolono Twp. destroyed
Knife Cemetery Pusey Cemetery, Stout Cemetery NE of Mahomet  
Kopmann Cemetery   NW of Royal  
Leal Park Old Urbana Cemetery Urbana  
Lincoln Memorial Gardens Woodlawn Addition Cemetery Urbana  
Locust Grove (Somer) Cemetery (See Dunn Cemetery)
Locust Grove (Philo) Cemetery   Philo  
Loeffler Family Burials   Ogden Twp.  
Lost Grove Cemetery   SW of Homer  
Ludlow Cemetery   Ludlow  
Lynn Grove Cemetery   SE of Philo  
Mahomet Cemetery (See Middletown Cemetery)
Maplewood Cemetery   Ludlow  
Methodist Episcopal Cemetery (See Phillippe Cemetery)
Middletown Cemetery Mahomet Cemetery, Village Cemetery Mahomet  
Miller Cemetery   Urbana Twp. destroyed
Mount Calvary Cemetery (See Calvary Catholic Cemetery)
Mount Hope (Urbana) Cemetery   Urbana Twp. 3 Mount Hope in County
Mount Hope (Brown) Cemetery   Brown Twp. 3 Mount Hope in County
Mount Hope (Sidney) Cemetery   Sidney Twp. 3 Mount Hope in County
Mount Olive Cemetery   West of St. Joseph  
Naylor Cemetery United Brethern Church Cemetery NW of Fisher  
New Huss Cemetery (See Huss Chapel Cemetery)
New Mount Hope Cemetery (See Roselawn Cemetery)
O'Bryan Cemetery   SW of Pesotum  
Old Adkins Cemetery Richard Allen Timber Cemetery Somer Twp. destroyed
Old Bliss Cemetery Bliss Cemetery East of Sidney  
Old Brownfield Cemetery (see Brownfield Cemetery)
Old Burial Ground (See Shafer Cemetery)
Old Cloyds Cemetery (Old Dunkard Church Cemetery)
Old Dunkard Church Cemetery Old Cloyds Cemetery Urbana Twp. destroyed
Old Frame Cemetery (See Van Matre Cemetery)
Old Harris Cemetery (See Bethel Cemetery)
Old Heater Cemetery Heater Cemetery Somer Twp.  
Old Homer Cemetery Dunkard Cemetery North of Homer  
Old Huss Cemetery   North of Sidney  
Old Jewish Cemetery   Cunningham Twp. Relocated to Mount Hope (Urbana) Cemetery
Old Rinehart Cemetery (See Rinehart Cemetery)
Old Sadorus Cemetery (See Sadorus Cemetery)
Old Shafer Cemtery (See Shafer Cemetery)
Old Somers Cemetery   Somer Twp. destroyed
Old Stearns Cemetery (see Stearns Cemetery)
Old Tolono Cemetery   Tolono Twp. Relocated to Bailey Memorial Cemetery
Old Urbana Cemetery (see Leal Park)
Patterson Cemetery   South of St. Joseph  
Patton Cemetery   Kerr Twp.  
Peabody Cemetery   East Bend Twp. destroyed
Pesotum Cemetery (see Davis Memorial Cemetery)
Peters Cemetery Thompson Cemetery South of St. Joseph  
Phillippe Cemetery Methodist Episcopal Cemetery North of Mahomet  
Porter-Dawn Cemetery   St. Joseph Twp. destroyed
Prairie View Cemetery   West of Savoy  
Pusey Cemetery (see Knife Cemetery)
Rantoul Catholic Cemetery (see Holy Sepulchre Cemetery)
Rantoul Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (see Holy Sepulchre Cemetery)
Rice Cemetery Hixon Cemetery West of Pesotum  
Richard Allen Timber Cemetery (see Old Adkins Cemetery)
Rinehart Cemetery Old Rinehart Cemetery Somer Twp.  
Risinger Cemetery   St. Joseph Twp.  
Riverside Cemetery Davis Cemetery Mahomet  
Rock Cemetery Andy Rock Cemetery West of Pesotum  
Roselawn Cemetery New Mount Hope Cemetery Champaign  
Royal Saint Johns Cemetery (see Saint John Lutheran Cemetery)
Rudicil Place Cemetery   Sidney Twp. destroyed/moved
Sadorus Cemetery   SW of Sadorus  
Saint Boniface Cemetery   West of Savoy  
Saint Elizabeth Cemetery Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Thomasboro Catholic Cemetery SW of Thomasboro  
Saint John Lutheran Cemetery Royal Saint John Cemetery Royal  
Saint Johns Cemetery German Evan Lutheran Cemetery NW of Broadlands  
Saint Joseph (Sadorus) Cemetery Ivesdale Cemetery West of Sadorus

3 Saint Joseph Cemetereies in county

Saint Joseph (Pesotum) Cemetery   Pesotum 3 Saint Joseph Cemetereies in county
Saint Joseph (Crittenden) Cemetery Immaculate Conception Cemetery, Bongard Cemetery West of Bongard 3 Saint Joseph Cemetereies in county
Saint Lawrence Cemetery   Compromise Twp.  
Saint Malachy Cemetery (see Holy Sepulchre Cemetery)
Saint Marys (Champaign) Cemetery Champaign Catholic Cemetery Champaign 2 Saint Marys Cemeteries in county

Saint Marys (Crittenden) Cemetery

  East of Pesotum 2 Saint Marys Cemeteries in county
Saint Patrick's Cemetery     Tolono
Seymour M. E. Cemetery (see Bethel Cemetery)
Shafer Cemetery Coslet Cemetery, Old Shafer Cemetery, Old Burial Ground Crittenden Twp. destroyed
Shiloh Cemetery   North of Mahomet  
Smith Cemetery   Urbana Twp. destroyed
Stanton Friends Cemetery Friends Church Cemetery NW of St. Joseph  
Stearns Cemetery Old Stearns Cemetery South of Royal  
Stout Cemetery (see Knife Cemetery)
Sugartree Grove Cemetery Brumley Cemetery Urbana Twp.  
Thomasboro Catholic Cemetery (see Saint Elizabeth Cemetery)
Thompson Cemetery (see Peters Cemetery)
Tolono Grove Cemetery (see Bailey Memorial Cemetery)
Tomlinson Cemetery   Kerr Twp.  
Umbenhower Cemetery   Sidney Twp.  
United Brethern Church Cemetery (see Naylor Cemetery)
Van Matre Cemetery Old Frame Cemetery Crittenden Twp. destroyed
Van Meter Cemetery Cora Brooks Cemetery St. Joseph Twp. destroyed
Village Cemetery (see Middletown Cemetery)
Webber Cemetery (see Harwood Chapel Cemetery)
Welles Cemetery Compromise Cemetery Compromise Twp.  
William Putnam Cemetery   Ogden Twp. moved
Willowbrook Cemetery   NW of Fisher  
Woodlawn Cemetery   Urbana  
Woodlawn Addition Cemetery (see Lincoln Addition Cemetery)
Yearsley Cemetery   NE of Urbana  




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