Homer G. A. R. Cemetery - Champaign County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Homer G. A. R. Cemetery

Also Known As: Homer Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, American Legion Cemetery, GAR Cemetery

Location:  South Homer Township, East side of Homer

GPS Location 40.03795, -87.94936 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Homer G. A. R. Cemetery started around 1866, still an active cemetery and very well maintained.

Pictures: I took pictures of EVERY stone in this cemetery in September 2010, and also have 2 video's embedded below taken at that same time.

Link to Pictures: 4,649 pictures (50 on a page, 93 pages)

Internment List: On site, they have a board with a list of all the burials. As of 2012, the version of the list was STILL from 2005. It is also behind plexi-glass, which makes some parts of the list hard to read (in person & in the images below). I kept these pictures a little bigger to help with reading as much as I could. I believe the Homer American Legion has closed down, so I'm not sure who to contact about the cemetery - BUT if anyone knows how to get ahold of a current list that I could share on this site with everyone - PLEASE let me know. Also the last picture linked below is a section-map that I created.

Link to Internment List & MAP: 154 pictures (50 on a page, 493 pages)

Video: Below are a couple of quick overview video's of Homer G.A.R. Cemetery. These were taken September 2010. Please note: These video's are NOT "professional" or to be used to read stones or anything like that.... these are simple to show a quick "overview" of the cemetery. For those who may never be able to visit this cemetery in person, these video's are here to show a quick "overview" of the area.




Picture/Section List: If you find the name on the internment list & section, here are the Picture #'s for each section:

Overview & Solider Circle: Pics #1-85
Block 1: Pics #86-302 ••• Block 16: Pics #2,855-3,049
Block 2: Pics #303-419 ••• Block 17: Pics #3,050-3,234
Block 3: Pics #420-529 ••• Block 18: Pics #3,235 - 3,398
Block 4: Pics #530-751 ••• Block 19: Pics #3,399-3,527
Block 5: Pics #752-1,003 ••• Block 20: Pics #3,528-3,675
Block 6: Pics #1,004-1,202 ••• Block 21: Pics #3,676-3,812
Block 7: Pics #1,203-1,416 ••• Block 22: Pics #3,813-3,916
Block 8: Pics #1,417-1,643 ••• Block 23 & 24: Pics #3,917-4,082
Block 9: Pics #1,644-1,857 ••• Block 25: Pics #4,083-4,198
Block 10: Pics #1,858-2,139 ••• Block 26: Pics #4,199-4,290
Block 11: Pics #2,140-2,350 ••• Block 27: Pics #4,291-4,334
Block 12: Pics #2,351-2,522 ••• Block 28: Pics #4,335-4,512
Block 13: Pics #2,523-2,692 ••• Block 29: Pics #4,513-4,638
Block 14: Pics #2,693-2,828 ••• Block 30 & 31: Pics #4,639-4,649
Block 15: Pics #2,829-2,854 ••• List & Map: 1-154


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Robert L. Johnson – United States
June 12, 2013 - 14:06
Subject: Clark Family History

I am seeking information re the Clark Family of Isabel, Edgar Cty, Illinois. I am the great, great grandson of Snowden Clark and Lydia Chandler Clark, whose daughter married John Walter "JW" Borton of Borton, Edgar County, Illinois; whose first wife was Emma Clark, sister to Snowden and Seberry Clark. All three buried in Embarrass Cemetery, Edgar County, Illinois. Would also like additional information on Mina Clark Clapp, also of the Isabel/Borton area.

Thank you very much for providing this opportunity to share this information.
Robert L. Johnson
Lincoln Park
Chicago, Illinois

Dan Ballard – Indiana
March 21, 2013 - 17:35
Subject: Waggoner

Hoping to find Waggoner's in GAR any help any help would be greatly appreciated

Mike George – Hot Springs, Arkansas
October 22, 2012 - 18:44
Subject: Thank you for all of this work!

I have a lot of relatives in the GAR Cemetery - Anderson, Elliott, George, Whitlock, Havard, Yeazel and more! Thanks for posting the pictures.

September 30, 2012 - 22:53
Subject: looking for grave

Location of kelly kibler grave.. and donald pfaab

Reply to bootsblaney
Beverly Grimes – Peoria, il
June 21, 2016 - 10:49
Subject: Grave location

Baby of small child whose last name is Grimes

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