Eden Park Cemetery - Champaign County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Eden Park Cemetery

Location:  Rantoul Township, North Rantoul

GPS Location 40.31726, -88.15420 (link to Google Map)

Description:  Eden Park Cemetery is one of the newest cemeteries in the county. The American Lutheran Church purchased the property that became the Eden Park subdivision, church, park, homes, and cemetery in 1946. I'm not sure of the exact date the cemetery was started, but believe it was sometime after that point.

Website:  American Lutheran Church of Rantoul - This is the Church's website, and as of February 2012, I only seen a quick mention of the cemetery on the site.

Pictures: As of February 2012, I have only visited this cemetery once to get GPS location reading, and take a couple of quick overview pictures. I hope to some day re-visit this cemetery to take pictures of all the stones, and of course when I do - I will try to share them on this site.





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