Dunn Cemetery - Champaign County Illinois

Cemetery Name: Dunn Cemetery

Also Known As: Locust Grove Church Cemetery

Location:  Somer Township, North-East of Urbana

GPS Location 40.15317, -88.14364 (link to Google Map)

Description:  The cemetery land was donated by the Dunn family, which is where if gets the Dunn Cemetery name from. At one time, it was located between the Locust Grove School & the Locust Grove Church, which is where it got the Locust Grove Cemetery name from. The cemetery is no longer cared for, and is often very overgrown in the summer months.

Pictures: I took pictures of EVERY stone in this cemetery in March 2012, and also 1 video taken at the same time.

Link to Pictures: 184 pictures (50 on a page, 4 pages)

Video: Below is a quick overview video of Dunn Cemetery taken March 2012. Please note: These video's are NOT "professional" or to be used to read stones or anything like that.... these are simple to show a quick "overview" of the cemetery. For those who may never be able to visit this cemetery in person, these video's are here to show a quick "overview" of the area.






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